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2019 General Election

Christian voters can help the world’s poorest people

The next UK General Election is set to take place on 12 December.

A general election offers a great opportunity for us to stand together with our sisters and brothers living in poverty around in the world, and to ensure their voices are raised up to people in power.

Brexit is bound to dominate this election, and itself may affect the poorest in the UK and beyond, but we need to remind candidates asking for our votes that the scandal of international poverty is something millions of us care deeply about.

During this election Christian Aid is calling for:

A new deal for climate justice 

A fairer global economy

Sustainable development as a human right

And for the UK to prioritise peace over war

You can read our full manifesto: 'For dignity, equality and justice' here

and download our guide to the General Election.

The Welsh version of our manifesto can be found here along with a Welsh language guide to the General Election