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Autumn Appeal

Bring our global neighbours good harvests for the future with our Autumn Appeal

Christian Aid exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

people in need reached by our humanitarian programmes
volunteers gave their time and talents during Christian Aid Week
churches took part in fundraising activities

Autumn Appeal e-Offering

Create a page and start fundraising with your community

Autumn Appeal Worship

Reach out to your neighbours near and far through prayer this autumn.

Building Back with Justice

Discern with us our role as Christians in building a world with justice at its heart.
Autumn Appeal


Our e-Offering makes it easy for your church to fundraise online and collect money that will help more communities around the world overcome crisis.

Donate to Christian Aid

We'll use your donations to help families around the world to overcome poverty and injustice, wherever the need is greatest.