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Christian Aid in the Middle East has wide experience of projects funded by institutional and other key donors.

Resilient Livelihoods

The Resilient Livelihoods programme is supported by Programme Partnership Agreement (PPA) with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). This project aims to build community resilience in conflict settings, by establishing structures and networks rooted in the community which allow them to deal with shocks to their environment to protect and enhance their lives and livelihoods.

The first three years of this project saw its implementation in three locations in the Gaza Strip and nine communities in the West Bank (part of the occupied Palestinian territory). In the fourth and fifth years, the project will be scaled up to 24 communities in the West Bank, and 38 communities in northern Iraq. The project will continue to focus on resilience in conflict settings while considering various risks to lives and livelihoods, including climate.

Economic and social rights

The Upholding Labour Rights project, funded by the European Commission (EC), ran from 2010 to 2013 working with partners from different countries in the Middle East to apply internationally recognised standards to vulnerable workers, including those working in quarries, migrant workers in agriculture, construction and domestic work, and those discriminated against because of their status.

The project helped thousands of workers improve their working conditions, know and demand their rights and improve the accountability of employers and governments towards such workers.

Social and Economic Inclusion of People with Disability in the Middle East project began in April 2012, and runs until March 2015, funded by the EC. This supports our partners the East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Programme (working in the occupied Palestinian territory) and the Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union to improve employment and related rights for people with disabilities.

Our partners are providing vocational assessments, training and other support to people with disabilities, while also working with companies and other employers to ensure that they fulfil their obligations and commitments to equal employment rights, and advocating to governments for improved policies.

The JA Clark Charitable Trust has funded the Promoting the Rights of Quarry Workers’ Families since 2012; the current phase will finish in December 2014. The project supports our Egyptian partner Wadi el Nil to provide training and support to women in villages in Minia governorate, a poor region of Egypt, so that they can exercise their economic and social rights through setting up businesses and participating in decision-making processes from the local to national levels.

Rights for All

The Rights for All programme has been fortunate to be a regular recipient of Irish Aid programme funding, which supports the majority of our partnerships. The schemes are multi-annual, spanning four-year cycles of programme support on issues related to accountability and governance.

Rights for All partners were also supported by an EC grant to implement the Protecting Children from Conflict project, which ran from 2009 to 2012. The project focused on supporting children to advocate for their own rights and understand protection issues, as well as promoting best practice among non-government organisations in the Middle East on working with children in conflict.