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September 2010: Snapshot from Matopeni

In Matopeni slum, Kenya, work's about to begin on feeder channels that will carry waste from Matopeni into a main drain, homes along the route are being moved to ensure there is enough space.

Community members Veronica Milla and Catherine Kithuku sent us a photograph to show why it was so important to move the walls of these homes:

Drains in Matopeni slum in Kenya become blocked and flood homes

'The place is so squashed, you can't see the water'

Around 300 families live crammed into a tiny area in Matopeni and so there is little space that has not been built on. The existing drains are too narrow and shallow and often become blocked.

Some of the slum's homes are immediately next to these drains. 'The place is so squashed, you can't see the water', says Veronica.

The children of Matopeni

See how the children of Matopeni view the ongoing work and are coping with growing up in the slums. View our slideshow of children's drawings > 

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