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Living in a cage

The Abu-Aisha family live in Tel Rumeida, in Hebron, under some of the most difficult circumstances any family has had to endure in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Because of the physical and verbal abuse by a group of settlers that are living opposite them, Christian Aid partner B’Tselem have equipped them with a video camera, and have even – at the family’s request – helped them build a metal ‘cage’ around their home to protect them from physical abuse.

In this video clip, Iman Abu Aisha, 14, records an incident of verbal and physical abuse by the settlers. As a result of this video footage, the woman in this film was removed from the settlement by the Israeli army and housed elsewhere.

Warning: this video contains strong language and scenes that some viewers may find upsetting.


Throughout the West Bank and Gaza, hundreds of stories like these are being recorded, shared and revealed to the rest of the world.

Watch this video from 18-year-old Ahmad.

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