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Honduran leaders must respect human rights

Christian Aid partners in Honduras have spoken out against the forcible removal of Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, urging military and political leaders to respect human rights and the rule of law.

Honduran police -- Pic: Hermes LazoAmid street protests, violence and disappearances in the aftermath of Sunday’s coup d’etat, Christian Aid staff and partners including OCDIH, CASM, ASONOG and Red Comal are using public statements, websites and street protests to make their voices heard.

Meanwhile, Christian Aid, along with other members of the ACT forum in Honduras, has issued a joint statement condemning the coup, saying that it ‘threatens the legitimacy of [Honduras’] democratic institutions and the civil mechanisms for the resolution of political and social conflicts.’

As well as taking part in protest marches, our partners have also been providing logistical support, arranging accommodation, transport and food for protestors.

Call for law and order

‘Whatever your politics, removing a president by force is democratically unacceptable,’ explains Christian Aid’s programme officer Claudia Herrera.

‘Our partners are working to ensure that citizens’ rights are respected, and that the country returns to a state of constitutional order and the rule of law as soon as possible.’ 

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