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Ghana: slave trade to trade slaves

Photographer Ian Berry travelled to Ghana with Christian Aid to document the impact of current international trade rules on farmers, traders and poor communities as they struggle to sustain their livelihoods.

Just as the 18th century slave trade was about the abuse of economic power and foreign control, so international trading relations between rich and poor countries is much the same today.

Is this trading injustice just a modern day slave trade?

Market scene

People migrate from the grinding poverty of the north hoping for work and a new life in the cities of the south. What they find, however, is far from streets paved with gold. Some may be lucky and find low paid work in factories while others hustle their international wares in the cities market stalls - tomato paste from Italy, British chicken or American rice. They soon discover their small profits are not enough to pay for a roof over their heads in the city slums or for water bought from the local pumps.

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Issue: Trade

Country:  Ghana 

Region:  Africa