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Using music and cartoons to fight malaria and HIV

Malaria animationMalaria is the biggest killer across Africa, and Christian Aid and its partners are working on innovative projects that provide simple, clear and evocative messages to teach people how to recognise, combat and protect themselves from this preventable disease.

One project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an average of five million cases of malaria are reported each year, uses animation and music to engage people in the threat posed by the disease and how by following a few simple steps they can protect themselves and their families from it. 

You can view this animation below:

The animation will be disseminated through our community-based partner networks in the DRC, and potentially more widely across French-speaking African countries - among those worst affected by malaria. 

This is part of a wider series of animations being produced by Christian Aid that will be used to deliver important health messages in countries across Africa that are struggling with poverty-related diseases.

Other projects will encourage people to break down HIV-related stigma and prejudice, teach them about HIV prevention, and denounce sexual and domestic violence.  

Life-changing projects

The music and animation projects began in 2007 with the production of an album of popular music and two animations in Sierra Leone to bring HIV messages to youth audiences through popular culture.

The music was sung by peer educators from Christian Aid’s partner the Methodist Resource Youth Centre (MYRC) and advocated for the SAVE approach to HIV protection endorsed by Christian Aid.

The Sierra Leone project proved successful and it was nominated for the 2009 One World Media Special Award – granted for ‘an outstanding media project or organisation working on the ground in the developing world, which has made a real impact on the lives of those living and working near it.’ 

Watch this ground-breaking animation at www.hivsierraleone.co.uk

Music has since been recorded in Malawi and the DRC with further projects planned in Kenya and a second in Malawi in the coming year.

These projects reflect Christian Aid’s determination to find new and engaging ways to capture audiences - particularly youth - in countries devastated by easily preventable and life-threatening diseases such as HIV and malaria.

DRC animation credits

Animation by: Luke Whittaker (London, UK)
Music by: Océan Clef de Fa, Institute National des Arts (Kinshasa, DRC)
Music recorded, produced and mastered by: Mark Nunn, Joe Herrmann and Jason Air (in Kinshasa and London)
With support from: Rob Edwards (volunteer, London, UK)

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