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Christian Aid in Tajikistan

January 2014: Christian Aid decided to conclude its operations in Tajikistan following a comprehensive review of needs, capacities and resources in the countries where we're operating. We focused on how and where we could achieve the greatest, deepest and most lasting change in the lives of poor people using the resources available to us.

Tajikistan is one of the few countries in the world that has undergone de-development as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union and a five-year civil war following its independence.

Cuts in state support have seen services decline, the country’s infrastructures deteriorate and unemployment rise. Approximately two million of the country’s seven million population have left to seek work in other countries such as Russia.

Poverty in Tajikistan is extreme and climate change and the threat of HIV are making what is already a bad situation even worse. Tackling high levels of corruption and making the government accountable is vital to ensuring the provision of services to the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Our work

Christian Aid has worked in Tajikistan since 1997.

We fund projects that range from helping vulnerable communities develop climate resilient farming practices, to helping people - especially women - hold local and national government to account, through to developing income generating activities and ensuring access to markets for produce.

Our partner organisations are supporting people living with HIV and AIDS, and work continuously with health professionals and Muslim leaders to raise awareness on prevention, and tackle stigma and discrimination.

Partners are also working hard to combat the troublesome norm that is domestic violence against women.

Our partners

We have 10 partners working in Tajikistan, here’s a small selection:

ASDP Nau enables remote communities in the north of Tajikistan to improve their incomes and living standards, and increase their resilience to disasters.

They have helped farmers develop business projects and tackled energy shortages by helping communities access sustainable energy solutions for homes, schools, community centres and hospitals.

MHAIDS has expertise in supporting the mental health needs of people living with HIV and AIDS, and in reducing stigma.

It is one of the first health organisations in Tajikistan to work with Muslim-faith leaders, encouraging them to incorporate messages on HIV awareness, prevention, and tackling discrimination into religious worship.

Rights and Prosperity works across Tajikistan on social reform, children’s rights, and transparency. Funded through Christian Aid and DFID’s Global Transparency Fund, it has set up Public Chambers where people in small towns and rural areas are able to get help to demand their rights. This is helping to tackle corruption.

What you can do

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