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Christian Aid in Tanzania

Christian Aid decided to conclude its operations in Tanzania following a comprehensive review of needs, capacities and resources in the countries where we are operating.

We are focusing on how and where we can achieve the greatest, deepest and most lasting change in the lives of poor people using the resources available to us.

What we have achieved

Ensuring that local and national government listens to and responds to its people’s needs is critical for Tanzania’s development. Christian Aid supported work helping communities to demand transparent and accountable decision making by authorities within Tanzania.

Our partners

Through our partner Hakikazi Catalyst we supported marginalised communities in rural areas to understand how policy issues affect their standard of living and how they can influence them.

Hakikazi Catalyst has established Centres for Development Learning and Action to provide the resources people need to understand these issues in a relaxed environment.

Through publishing ‘plain language guides’ with cartoons on current issues, relevant laws and government initiatives Hakikazi Catalyst gives people the knowledge and confidence to demand their rights.



Further links

• Visit the Hakikazi Catalyst's website

• Find out more about DFID's Governance and Transparency Fund

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