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Christian Aid in South Sudan

July 2014: South Sudan is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and the threat of famine is looming.

Our partners are working in the areas worst affected by violence, providing emergency supplies such as food, clean water, hygiene kits and shelter. Read the latest update from South Sudan.

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South Sudan became an independent country in 2011, following a referendum in which its people voted overwhelmingly to separate from Sudan. However, the new country is still affected by instability. Energy and commitment are needed from South Sudan’s leaders and the international community if its people are to build a secure future.


Sudan’s second civil war ended after two decades when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in 2005. But intertribal fighting and attacks perpetrated by rebel groups have displaced people, most recently in violence which began in December 2013. It is estimated that more than 900,000 people have been displaced by the recent fighting.


South Sudan is one of the poorest regions in the world, with basic services like schools and clinics failing to meet its population’s needs. Girls have a higher chance of dying in childbirth than of completing their education. Half the population lives below the poverty line.


UNICEF estimates that 18 per cent of the population suffers from chronic hunger. Children are particularly affected – 29 per cent of children under five are malnourished. Access to fresh water and sanitation is also a problem.


South Sudan has substantial oil reserves, which provided most of the government’s income, but the government decided to shut down oil production in January 2012, following pipeline disagreements with Sudan. This had a devastating impact on GDP, which declined by at least 55 per cent in 2012, and is further affecting the government’s ability to supply essential services.

Christian Aid exists in South Sudan to bring lasting change for all the people of South Sudan, so they live in peaceful coexistence, with dignity and security, taking a full part in the society and the economy, irrespective of their identity.

Our work focuses on building a secure and dignified future for people across South Sudan. Our partners do this through helping communities to develop more secure livelihoods; responding to emergencies and helping people to prepare for them to reduce their impact; addressing stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and ensuring that people have the knowledge to protect themselves and others from the virus.

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