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Christian Aid in Ethiopia


Christian Aid in Ethiopia has wide experience of projects funded by institutional and other key donors, such as DfID, which has been a major donor for projects in Ethiopia, including the following three:

Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes (BRACED) project is a three year project, aiming to build the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate extremes and disasters in high risk locations in Ethiopia. The project aims to reach 791,530 people in seven primary woredas in South Omo, Borena, Arsi and East Hararghe zones, and five secondary woredas in Oromiya State.

The project is a consortium project and will be implemented in partnership with BBC Media action, Kings collage London, UK Met Office, Action Aid Ethiopia and the Ethiopian National Meteorological Agency.

Family Planning Accountability Project is a three year project, aiming to promote accountability by governments and family planning service providers by their citizens to: deliver the family planning commitments made under FP2020, ensuring full, free and informed family planning choice for everyone.

Disaster Emergency Preparedness Plan (DEPP): this project aims to strengthen the response of the health service to public health emergencies. The existing Public Health Emergency (PHE) at federal and regional level will be actively engaged. The project will build on the ongoing Regional Health Extension Program managed by Regional Health Bureau, and this structure will play a major role in terms of coordination, capacity building and monitoring.   

Early warning and preparedness enables early prediction and detection of health emergencies; it improves access to preventative and curative health services during emergencies and so reduces the scale and impact of health emergencies. Rapid response limits the number of cases and geographical spread, shortens the duration of the outbreak; in turn reducing the number of lives lost.

Such a response saves resources that would be necessary to combat health emergencies. Long term effects of this project include improved health information collection, better supervision of health facilities and strengthened coordination between grassroots institutions and their regional and national agencies. The project is a two year project to be implemented in Gambella.

Access Service and Utilization of Reproductive health (ASURE) project is a five year project, funded by the EU, to be implemented in the southern nations nationalities and peoples region of Ethiopia in Wolayita, Gamo Gofa and Segen zones.

The overall objective of this project is to improve the reproductive health and informed family planning choices, vital in themselves but essential for reducing child and maternal mortality (MDGs 4 and 5), and combating preventable diseases (MDG 6).

This project is in partnership withseveral organisations, including AMREF Italy and Christian Aid, working alongside Christian Aid partners Ethiopian Interfaith Forum for Development Dialogue, Women Support Association, and AMREF Health Africa in Ethiopia.

Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) is currently funding and piloting a ā‚¬500,000 community-driven climate resilience building project, being implemented in four woredas of Benishangul Gumuz region between September 2014 and August 2016. It is being led by Christian Aid and Forum for Environment. This project will be delivered by three national NGOs: Forum for Environment, Assosa Environmental Protection Authorities and Education for Development Association; in close collaboration with relevant government sector offices at all levels.

In Their Lifetime (ITL) is also funding a livelihood project with our partner WSA, which aims to improve livelihoods for 5000 poor and vulnerable households through access to Improved Cook Stoves (ICS). This project will be implemented in South Omo Zone and aims to increase access the ICS market through community level demonstrations of the benefits of the new stove as well as the damage caused to health by smoke inhalation from traditional cooking practices.
This project is building the technical and financial capacity of 10 groups to manufacture these stoves, providing access to a sustainable livelihood.

Band Aid and Jersey Overseas Aid Commission (JOAC) have been funding a humanitarian programme in response to the South Sudanese refugees in Gambella starting 2014; establishing permanent water storage systems.

The European Union supported the Community Productive Capacity Enhancement project in South Omo from 2009ā€“2011. This project was designed to mitigate the effect of soaring food prices and natural shocks in the three Woredas. Work included small-scale irrigation schemes, set up of seed growersā€™ associations, provision of fertilisers and improved seed, fisheries development and training for farmers and animal health workers.

The production and productivity of farmers was drastically increased and livestock health improved, thereby contributing to improved livestock productivity; and the income from enhanced livestock marketing and fishery development increased.

Two water supply, sanitation and health projects funded by the European Union and Christian Aid saw considerable success in bringing clean, fresh water to many towns and villages. Substantial improvements in hygiene and sanitation practices led to subsequent health benefits.

Dan Church Aid, the European Commission and Christian Aid co-funded work on HIV which aimed to reduce stigma and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV through faith-based responses and strengthening community-based structures. Religious institutions were encouraged and equipped to mainstream HIV, and religious leaders supported to take a leading and coordinating role in reducing stigma and discrimination.

People living with HIV were motivated and empowered through networks and community-based structures to live openly and positively with their status and become actively involved in HIV programmes. Formal and informal community-based structures were supported to provide sustainable care and support to people living with HIV.