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Christian Aid in Angola

No country displays the gap between rich and poor more starkly than Angola. The country’s territory is immense and rich in natural resources, but only a minority of its citizens benefit from its wealth.

Conflict: a 27-year civil war, which finally came to an end in 2002, claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, left many more displaced and severely hampered the country’s prospects of development.

Natural resources: a boom fuelled by abundant oil reserves has contributed to making its capital city Luanda the most expensive in the world.

Land: some of the poorest rural and urban communities live under threat of being driven off their land, as developers attempt to seize land for private economic interests

Our work

Christian Aid supports organisations that promote the rights of poor communities to their land and to opportunities to develop.

It works to give a voice to young and marginalised people through information and media projects and aims to lay the conditions for society in which the benefits of Angola’s natural resources are felt by all.

Our partners

SOS Habitat helps people whose homes have been destroyed or are under threat, using legal and media outlets to publicise and challenge unlawful demolitions/evictions, and encouraging poor people to pressure the government to recognise their housing rights.

UCF (Feminine Christian Union) supports a ‘life skills for girls’ project in Luanda, to empower girls living in poor communities and prevent HIV infection. It teaches life skills such as planning, decision-making and being assertive, together with practical skills such as computer literacy, cooking and sewing.

IECA (Evangelical Congregational Church of Angola) helps rural communities increase food production and adapt to climate change through the introduction of new seeds, education and farming techniques.

What you can do

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• Help us eradicate poverty and injustice by taking action.

Further links

  • New homes for evicted families - following seven years of campaigning, SOS Habitat has begun to rehouse families who were evicted from their homes in 2004. 

  • Crackdown in Luanda - Blog from Lilly Peel on the forced evictions and housing demolitions in the overcrowded Angolan capital.  

  • Children in Conflict - Renowned war artist John Keane visited Angola with Christian Aid in 2006. The resulting pictures formed the centrepiece of an exhibition.

  • A tale of two brothers - As children, Amaral and Luis were both forced to fight in the country's civil war - on opposite sides. Our story looks at how Christian Aid partners have helped brign them and communities across the country back together.

  • Our work on conflict - From Vietnam and Lebanon, to Kosovo and Darfur, for more than 60 years Christian Aid has been delivering urgent aid in emergencies triggered by conflict.

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Children playing in Angola

Why forced evictions have become the norm in the overcrowded Angolan capital.

Forced evictions

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