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May 2015

Christian Aid Week 2015 in Scotland was another big success – thanks to all the hard work and dedication of Christian Aid's supporters.

This year we came together to 'share the load' with women like Loko, in Ethiopia, who has to walk for up to eight hours each day to collect firewood to sell so that her children won't starve.

We were delighted that a number of participants in the Bridge Cross sponsored walks volunteered to take a load on their backs to help us highlight Loko's story to others.

Kaye Steele and Jen Clark carrying bundles of wood in front of the Erskine Bridge

And across the whole country, people organised activities in their churches and communities in order to help bring about a better future for Loko and others around the world who are struggling to make ends meet.

Kaye Steele, from Christian Aid Scotland, recently travelled to Ethiopia to visit our partners there.

She said, 'I have seen first-hand what Christian Aid partners are achieving in Ethiopia. While I was there I met with Loko, a 29 year old woman who walks for eight hours several times a week to earn £1, which is barely enough to feed her children. But she now looks forward to a brighter future thanks to a Christian Aid project in her area.

'It was so great to see people in Scotland making every effort to make the load a little lighter for women like Loko this Christian Aid Week. Together, we can really help make a difference where it is needed most.'

70 years of support

At the start of the week we were pleased to be joined by one of our longest standing supporters, and also one of our youngest, as we encouraged others to get involved in Christian Aid Week.

Leading this call in Scotland were two Christian Aid supporters from very different generations, united in their desire to stand alongside the poorest communities in the world and overcome poverty for the next generation.

Anne Booth-Clibborn from Edinburgh has been supporting Christian Aid since its beginnings in 1945, and five year old Shona Brown from Clarkston went door to door to raise funds this year, as she has been doing since the age of three.

Shona Brown and Anne Booth-Clibborn holding a large Christian Aid Week envelope

Both did a great job of helping us raise awareness of the big issues which need to be tackled today, 70 years on from Christian Aid's birth, such as discrimination against women, climate change and tax dodging.

You can read more about Anne's story, and the stories of some of Christian Aid's other lifelong supporters, in an article by Kathy Galloway, Head of Christian Aid Scotland.

What you did in Christian Aid Week

Thanks to everyone who sent us news of what they got up to this year - you can see some of the pictures we were sent on our Facebook page.

From coffee mornings and book sales to fashion shows, quizzes and classical music concerts – by all accounts, it was a very busy week!

We'd love to hear from you about your Christian Aid Week too. You can email your local office, or connect with us on Facebook.

And thank you to everyone who got involved in the house to house collections once again. We know how hard it can be, but we just want to remind you that in Scotland alone this raises over £1 million annually for our work. 

This is money which would more than pay for our work in Afghanistan, where less than 13% of women can read, and where maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world.

Or it would fund almost all of our work in Zimbabwe, where profitable resilient agriculture, conflict transformation and peace building, and the strengthening of citizens to build capable states, are at the centre of our programme.

Together, we make a huge impact. Thank you for everything you did this Christian Aid Week to ensure our work can continue!


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