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For the love of campaign

May 2014 | by Diane Green, Campaigns Officer

Our climate change campaigning is entering a new and exciting phase. Diane Green, Christian Aid Scotland's Campaigns Officer explains how we're working with a number of other organisations to find long term solutions to climate change.

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Taken by storm

Christian Aid's latest report on climate change, Taken by Storm (PDF, 3.5mb), couldn't be clearer. People in the developing world are already feeling the effects of climate change.

The report demonstrates this through personal stories from seven different countries in which Christian Aid works - Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Kenya, Malawi and the Philippines.

  • With such voices echoing in our ears, we must continue to make the strongest possible call for climate justice.'

Rowan Williams in the report's foreword

And the report goes on to say that Christian Aid believes this call must include a demand for a global deal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as well as for improvements in the resilience of communities vulnerable to climate change.

In short, action is required in Scotland, as much as in developing countries. That's why Christian Aid is involved in a number of initiatives bringing people and organisations together in order to tackle climate change more effectively.

For the love of campaign

It's why, as a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Christian Aid Scotland has launched the  For the love of campaign.

This new campaign recognises that we all love something that is threatened by climate change. It's asking people to share what these things are, and to join together to demand climate action, for the sake of all the things that matter most, both here in Scotland and further afield.


It's also why we work with Eco-Congregation Scotland, an ecumenical environmental movement made up of over 300 local Christian congregations who are linking environmental issues to their Christian faith and taking practical action in their church and local community.

There are 18 local networks from Orkney to Dumfries providing support at a local level for congregations wishing to live more sustainably.

Green Light campaign

Christian Aid has also teamed up with ShareAction. Our Green Light campaign will ensure our pension funds are invested in the world we want, rather than in risky projects that have the potential to ruin both our planet and our pensions.

Fast for the climate

We can all show solidarity with others around the world who are speaking out on climate issues.

People from all over the world have pledged to fast on the first day of every month until progress is made on tackling climate change, having taken their lead from Yeb Saño, delegate for the Philippines at last November's UN climate negotiations. Find out why.

Whether as an individual citizen or consumer, or as a member of a congregation, there are many ways we can take meaningful action on climate change.


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