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Historic links

Scotland and Malawi share more than their beautiful hills, which visitors from one country to another often comment on. Links between the two countries date back to the 19th Century when explorer David Livingstone travelled up the Zambezi and Shire Rivers to Lake Malawi.

The visit, in 1859, was long before current borders of the East African country were established but it began a partnership between the two nations that continues to develop.

Both the Church of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland had established missions in Malawi by the mid 1870s. These foundations provide the base for continuing links between schools, churches and communities in the two countries.

These links were strengthened in 2005 when then First Minister Jack McConnell set up a co-operation agreement with Malawi.

Our partnership with Malawi is extremely important to Christian Aid Scotland and with your help, we continue to work out there. To read about our most recent project in Malawi click here.

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