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Campaign with Christian Aid Scotland

We take our UK campaigns to audiences in Scotland and target our Scottish Parliament with key campaigns too.

From Climate Act to climate action

November 2012

Alex Salmond GYAT  

Three years ago, as part of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Coalition, Christian Aid and thousands of our supporters lobbied hard for strong legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland.

To our delight, in 2009 the Scottish Parliament passed the world's strongest climate legislation: the Scottish Climate Change Act.

However, the Scottish Government has failed to meet its very first, and not particularly challenging, target to reduce emissions under the Act. 

Unless the Climate Act is followed through with action, our ‘world-leading’ example of how to tackle climate change will be undermined.

Mass climate lobby

A Stop Climate Chaos Scotland mass lobby on 25 October 2012 saw people from all across Scotland meeting with politicians in the Scottish Parliament and calling on them to ‘get their Act together’ to ensure that the Government delivers on the Scottish Climate Change Act.

The event was a great success, with people from every region of Scotland represented and over 50 MSPs in attendance! The #gyat Twitter storm raged throughout the event, allowing those who couldn't attend in person to let politicians know about their climate change concerns.

Thank you for your support

Thanks again to everyone who took part and helped to send a clear message to Parliament and Government that there is strong public support for more action on climate change.

Video: get your Act together

Watch this short video from the 'get your Act together' mass lobby at the Scottish Parliament.


Act now

At a  UK level, Christian Aid is also joining other organisations to drive the message home to David Cameron that 'green is working.'

Please take action now and  send a message to your MP, asking him/her to write to David Cameron and call on the Prime Minister to stand by the growing green economy and the UK Climate Change Act.

This would safeguard lives and livelihoods, not just in the UK but across the world and in some of the poorest communities.

Please contact Diane Green for more information on our climate change campaigns. 


Good news on Hunterston

Coal kills Christian Aid is delighted to hear that Ayrshire Power has decided to shelve its plans for a new coal-fired power station at Hunterston in North Ayrshire. 
Back in 2009 Christian Aid welcomed the passing of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act because we saw this as Scotland showing a willingness to take its fair share of the global effort required do something about climate change, trying to keep global warming below 2 degrees celsius. 
Christian Aid believed that the proposed power station at Hunterston was likely to undermine the emission targets set out in the Act, especially if built without being able to implement carbon capture and storage on 100% of its emissions from the outset. In 2010 we asked supporters to share and register this concern with the Scottish Government and later with North Ayrshire Council. We believe that all those who campaigned on this issue have made a difference.


The Rio Connection in Scotland

May 2012

In collaboration with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

This summer, 20 years on from the original Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992, government representatives from around the world will meet at a 'Rio+20' summit to discuss sustainable development.

1992 Rio summit

The 1992 summit was genuinely game-changing. It revealed to a whole new audience the injustice that the way we live in industrialised countries is impacting on the lives of the world's poorest and most vulnerable communities and damaging the planet.

But more importantly it did this with a sense that we can stop it. Twenty years on we've seen huge achievements, from world leading climate legislation to widespread production of renewable energy.

This happened because people like you took action. But there is still a lot of work to do.

That's why Christian Aid and our friends at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are working together on the Rio Connection, calling on our supporters to put pressure on Scottish politicians to lead on climate justice. 

Contact you MSPs

You can help by contacting your local MSPs and asking them to sign the Rio Connection in Scotland Rio Connection in Scotland declaration.

For more information listen to this podcast or contact Diane Green, Christian Aid Scotland's campaigns officer.


End Tax Haven Secrecy week of action

End Tax Haven Secrecy

May 2012

Ahead of the G20 meeting in Mexico in June, Monday 28 May marks the start of a week of action by the End Tax Haven Secrecy network

The network is a coalition of over 50 organisations in 20 countries around the world which includes Christian Aid.

Christian Aid estimates that tax dodging costs poor countries $160 billion a year. That's more than they receive in aid. If developing countries could recover the tax revenues they are currently losing, they could fund essential services such as health and education, and lift their citizens out of poverty. 

The global Week of Action to End Tax Haven Secrecy comes as the lack of transparency and the scandal of UK businesses hiding their profits off-shore are matters of increasing public concern.

We are calling on the G20 to support:

1) the multilateral and automatic exchange of tax information between tax jurisdictions, including tax havens; and

2) a new global accounting standard on country by country reporting which would require companies to report on their profits made and taxes paid in every country where they operate, including tax havens.

This week Christian Aid Scotland asks supporters to contact David Cameron and Nick Clegg, through the End Tax Haven Secrecy network, to show leadership.

For more information contact Diane Green, Christian Aid Scotland's campaigns officer. 


New Scottish Climate Justice Fund

March 2012

Since late 2010 Christian Aid Scotland and others within the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition have called for the Scottish Government to establish a fund to help the poorest communities around the world adapt to the damaging effects of climate change.

This month such calls were heeded, as the Scottish Government announced that it was to set up a Climate Justice Fund after what was said to be ‘the first ever parliamentary debate on the concept world-wide.’

Innovative and based on the priorities of the communities whose interests it is being established to serve, the fund will support measures such as early-warning weather systems and the introduction of drought resistance crops and agricultural techniques.

Although relatively small, its very existence, and even the fund’s name, make an important point. They underline the fact that climate change is an issue of justice – historical, international, and inter-generational.

Stewart Stevenson, minister for environment and climate change, said:

'It is a travesty that it’s the poorest people in the world’s most undeveloped countries who are hardest hit by climate change. They are least able to respond to the impact of increasingly erratic weather patterns and ever more frequent climate-related disasters. This situation cannot continue and the onus is on the international community to take action.

'Therefore I’m pleased to confirm to Parliament today that the Scottish Government is progressing plans to establish a Scottish Climate Justice Fund, which will be launched in the next few months.'

Scotland’s recognition of climate change as a justice issue and its willingness to take steps to put it right reflect widespread acceptance of the need to do something urgent about climate change.

Three years ago all 129 MSPs, drawn from five different political parties, voted in favour of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, thereby binding the country to 42 per cent cuts in greenhouse gases by 2020 (from 1990 levels).

Although no more than the bare minimum suggested by UN scientists for a developed nation like Scotland, it remains the most ambitious such target of any nation on earth – one that was voted through without dissent.

Christian Aid Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s announcement. We will continue to work with the government – and also hold it to account – in terms of delivering on the Climate Justice Fund and meeting Scotland’s vital greenhouse gas reduction targets.

A fuller version of this article appears in the Ecologist. Chris Hegarty is Christian Aid's senior policy and advocacy advisor for Scotland.


Scotland's 'Suitcase of Hope'

December 2011

As he prepared to pack his suitcase and join the UK delegation at the COP17 climate talks in Durban, Stewart Stevenson MSP received a few extra items to take with him to South Africa.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland presented the Minister for Environment and Climate Change with a ‘suitcase of hope’ including:

  • A copy of the Scottish Climate Change Act – which is still the strongest climate change legislation in the world.

  • A copy of the Durban Times to demonstrate the urgent need to agree a global deal on climate change, to follow on from the Kyoto Protocol.

  • A sack of drought resistant seeds and an IOU to demonstrate the need for poor countries to receive support in tackling the effects of climate change, for example increasing droughts and flooding.

  • A wind turbine to demonstrate Scotland’s commitment to supporting and developing renewable energy, including a target of 100% of Scotland’s electricity to come from renewables by 2020.

SCCS is calling on the UK delegation to push the EU and others to lead in the international climate negotiations in Durban, and as part of this is urging the Scottish Government to:

  • Show strong leadership to agree legally binding international cuts in carbon emissions at a level adequate to stop catastrophic climate change, particularly through a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol.

  • Support developing countries to adapt to climate change and develop in a low carbon way through championing the Green Climate Fund, leading international discussions on sourcing vital public money, and ensuring that the funds reach those in most need.

  • Demonstrate the commitment already shown in Scotland to our world-leading Scottish Climate Change Act and the social, economic and environmental benefits of developing our green economy.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

'The talks in Durban are yet another important opportunity for world leaders to finally agree a global deal on climate change. Time is running out as the only agreement we currently have – the Kyoto Protocol – is due to end next year. We urgently need a follow-on agreement if we are to keep emissions under control and avoid the catastrophic effects of runaway global warming.

'In addition, the poorest people in the world must be supported to adapt to the effects of climate change – many of which are already being felt, such as increasing flooding and instances of drought. It is industrialised countries like Scotland who are largely responsible for climate change happening and we must provide financial help to those that are suffering elsewhere because of our actions.

'Scotland has already taken a strong position with our Climate Change Act, which remains the strongest climate law in the world, including a target to reduce emissions by 42 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050. We must continue to show the world that a country like ours can become a truly low carbon economy.'

Christian Aid Scotland is a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. Read their blog from Durban.


Asking Unilever to trace the tax

Christian Aid Scotland visit UnileverNovember 2011 

The Christian Aid Scotland team donned their cleaning gear and used Unilever products to send a message on tax to the Chief Executive of Unilever. 

The team were keen to show their continued support to the ongoing FTSE campaign which urges key FTSE firms to help us trace the tax - not because we're accusing them of dodging tax themselves, but because we feel they are perfectly placed to lead from the inside and raise the call for new global accounting rules that will help poor countries and their citizens trace the taxes they are owed.

Over to you Scotland!

We would love you to help. All we ask for the next stage of our FTSE 4 campaign is that you take your own quirky photo, like ours, and send it to the Chief Executive of Unilever, Paul Polman. We've even got a letter for you to send if this helps. Remember to sign it from everyone in your photo!

Print off this letter to send to Unilever (PDF) >

Christian Aid's Trace the tax campaign >

Take action on climate change

Climate change Concerned about climate change? Tell your MSP what you want to see in the Scottish Budget.

The Scottish Government is currently putting together the Budget for 2012-13 as well as a four-year spending review. Just now is the time to influence it. Christian Aid is asking supporters to write to Members of the Scottish Parliament, urging them to prioritise climate change actions.

Find out more and write to your MSP here >


News about Hunterston

September 2011 - The Scottish Government is still considering a planning application for a new coal-fired power station at Hunterston.

The UK Government included the Hunterston option in an application for EU-funding for new energy projects. Christian Aid does not support the construction of new coal-fired power stations such as the one proposed at Hunterston, even with partial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. If CCS is to be trialled, we believe this should focus on existing power stations. More information can be found here:Friends of the Earth,WWF Scotland, Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston


Scottish Elections 2011

West elevation of MSP office building at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, EdinburghThank you to everyone who took part in the range of hustings events (both real and 'virtual') in advance of the Scottish election 2011.

Now that the election is over we need to hold politicians to account for what they've promised to deliver on international poverty-related issues over the next five years.

Our key manifesto asks > 


Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Thanks for emailing the party leaders….

Thank you to everyone who wrote to the political party leaders to call for climate change action in their manifestos.

It seems this campaign caught their attention with email inboxes reportedly being 'inundated' with your emails.  If you took action, you may have received a response directly from the party leaders but we are also displaying their responses on the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland website.

Writing to the party leaders was the first part of our campaign to ensure climate change is prioritised by the next Scottish Government. 

Paying our dues

Tax report from Christian Aid and the Church of Scotland

Paying our dues: how tax dodging punishes the poor Christian Aid and the Church of Scotland have launcheda joint report to raise awareness of the billions lost to developing countries from tax evasion and avoidance and to call on the International Accounting Standards Board to introduce an international country-by-country reporting standard.

Read the report, Paying our dues: How tax dodging punishes the poor, and watch our video of the Rt Rev John Christie discussing the report >


The Big Climate Connection

Christian Aid is joining with Stop Climate Chaos to ask our supporters to lobby their MPs and ask them to take action on climate change!

With a historic new coalition government and more than 200 new MPs in place, this is the perfect opportunity to tell your MP that climate justice matters to you.

You don't need to be an expert, you just need to be willing to ask your MP some questions and communicate your views to them.

Find out what’s happening in Scotland on the Stop Climate Chaos website.

To see if anyone is already lobbying your local MP, and to sign up yourself, check the Big Connection Climate Map.

Keep an eye on this page for more actions on climate change campaigns.

Want to know more right now? Contact Diane Green in our Glasgow office.

Christian Aid is a key member of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

Coal kills Say no to dirty coal!

Hunterston - thank-you!

More than 250 Christian Aid supporters took our online action against the proposed coal-fired power station planned at Hunterston in Ayrshire. Thank you!

'We call on rich nations like Scotland to invest in clean technology that can be shared with communities across Africa and to put a stop to subsidising energy derived from fossil fuels.'
Mithika Mwenda*

You were part of a strong movement of more than 14,000 people who registered their concerns.

The application is currently sitting with the Scottish Government and a decision is unlikely until the new year.  We will keep you informed of its progress, and may well ask for your help later in the year. 

If built without full carbon capture and storage (CCS) the Hunterston plant will be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions for many years;  causing climate change - one of the greatest challenges facing people living in poor countries.

* Mithika Mwenda, from our partner organisation the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, voicing his objections to Hunterston.


Looking for climate change resources?

How about showing this short film designed and produced by pupils at Dalkeith High School near Edinburgh.

It’s Time to Take Control was the winning film from the Cool It! competition organised by Christian Aid and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

Christian Aid had been puzzling over how to engage young people on the challenging subjects of climate change and poverty.

The Cool It project gave young people across Scotland the opportunity to voice their ideas about climate change and the challenges that face them as 21st century global citizens.
Thanks to contacts from Hand Up media the film was made with a new form of filmmaking – Machinima – that uses computer game technology & software to make animated films.


Watch our short video about the work Christian Aid Scotland do in the UK and overseas.

To find out more about any of our campaigns in Scotland please contact Diane Green, our campaigns officer, on dgreen@christian-aid.org.

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