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Sofa session - Gender

How do you think life is different for women and for men?

In the UK your gender can affect your choices.

However, in some countries in the world, your gender can help determine life or death issues.

What do you think those issues might be?

Join us to explore life divided across gender.


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We know change being when people talk. But change will only grow if people take action. Here are our top suggestions of what you can do to tranform passionate discussion into world changing action.  



Women are affected disproportionately by climate change.

They make up the majority of small-scale farmers in Africa and other developing countries – it is their crops that fail when the rains don’t come.

It is women and girls who are forced to walk further and further for water as wells and rivers dry up. This puts women and girls at risk of attack, and uses up valuable time when girls could be in school.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is organising a climate change lobby of your new MPs on 20 October 2010. Join us in London and help us work towards achieving our vision of an end to poverty.

For more information, visit: www.stopclimatechaos.org/climate-lobby.



A survey shows that 75 per cent of women enjoy shopping in their spare time, compared to just 53 per cent of men, while 46 per cent of men like physical activities such as DIY compared to only 26 per cent of women.

Have a think about particular activities or chores which men or women are perhaps traditionally more likely to do.

How about, for a week, you get sponsored to take part in a chore or activity that tends to be seen as the domain of the opposite sex? Or could you offer to do such a job for someone else – for a fee, of course! You could run an auction in your church or college where people bid for others to do various chores for them – such as cleaning the house or washing the car.

Send any money you raise to Christian Aid, and please let us know that you raised the money through Sofa Sessions when you send it in.



In your group, pray for each other as you live as males and females in today’s society – with all the challenges and opportunities this brings.

Pray also for men and women, boys and girls in developing countries in terms of the gender challenges they face.

Pray that more women and girls will become educated and empowered and for legislation to protect women from abuse and repression.


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