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Sofa session - Democracy

Does voting matter to you?

In the UK it's sometimes easy for us to take the democratic process for granted.

However, in some countries in the world, democracy is a long-hoped for dream.

But is the right to vote all its cracked up to be?

Join us to dissect democracy.


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Now take action

We know change begins when people talk.But change will only happen if people take action.Here are our top tips for transforming passionate discussion into world changing action.





Sticking with the theme of democracy, host a debate night or hold a ‘speakers’ corner’ at which people pay to have their say on a topic.

Alternatively, go in the opposite direction and have a sponsored silence – you’ll really appreciate your voice when you get it back!



Stand in a circle. Give one person a (soft) ball. Ask them to say the first word of a prayer (this may be ‘God’ or ‘Lord’) before throwing the ball to someone else who will say the second word.

That person throws the ball onto someone else who says a third word, etc until a person decides to finish the prayer with ‘Amen’. Explain that this is a democratic process and people are free to use whatever words they like… but remind them that we’re particularly thinking in our prayers about democracy.

People may want to thank God for it and pray for people around the world who don’t have it. Also pray for God to bless the work Christian Aid is doing in helping give people a voice.


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