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Sofa session - conflict

Conflict is an issue we all have to deal with at some point – to a greater or lesser degree.

But in some countries, violent conflict is a daily, crippling reality.

So what can we do about it? Where does poverty come in? And what might God think about it all?

Explore the issue with this Sofa Session.


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We know change being when people talk. But change will only grow if people take action. Here are our top suggestions of what you can do to tranform passionate discussion into world changing action. 



Where are there areas of conflict in your life, your church, your world – even if these are just grudges or resentments festering internally in your spirit?

Make a pledge to face areas of conflict in your life and search for a peaceful resolution – it might mean confronting an issue with someone, or changing an attitude in yourself. Either way, don’t let it build any longer.

Visit Peace Directto find out more about conflict situations around the world from the people living through them, and discover what you can do to help.



Put on an exhibition on the theme of conflict.

It could include pieces of creative writing, artwork, photography, sculptures, etc.

As well as including pieces from people in the group, get in touch with any artists or poets you know and ask them to exhibit.

Charge an entry fee for people to look round the exhibition. You could even sell some pieces of work.

Or, how about running a creative writing competition.

Get a local company to donate a prize (or organise with the local paper for the winning piece to be published).

Enlist the help of arty people you know to judge the competition and charge an entry fee.



Pull together some newspapers from the last few days.

As a group, cut out any articles, headlines, etc relating to conflict, violence or war around the world.

People could read out any snippets that particularly stand out. Put the pieces in the middle of your group and pray together about the situations you’ve identified.

End your time by reading out the image of hope for the world given in Isaiah 11:6-9.


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