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Sofa session - climate change

Climate change – everyone’s talking about it.

But what’s fact and what’s fiction? Why are poor countries suffering the most? How much worse will things get? And where does the blame lie?

This Sofa Session unpacks what’s been described as '...the greatest challenge we face.'


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We know change begins when people talk. But change will only happen if people take action. Here are our top tips for transforming passionate discussion into world changing action.


Climate change and poverty go hand in hand.

The World Bank was set up to end poverty. Yet it's loaning poor countries money for fossil-fuel power plants that benefit big business, accelerate climate change - and do little for poor communities.

Add your voice to our climate change campaign and tell the world bank to get out of fossil fuels for good!




An oldie but a classic: organise a sponsored walk, bike-ride, pogo-jump, whatever you’re into – just as long as it takes in the great outdoors.

Host a picnic halfway through and use the opportunity of everyone being gathered together to explain a bit about the effects of climate change on our environment and on the lives of the world’s poorest communities.

Click herefor more info and for stories of how climate change is affecting real people, right now.



Ask people to draw the weather symbols of a sun and a storm cloud onto (recycled) paper.

In the sun symbol get people to write a few words of thanks for the work that people and organisations are doing to combat climate change.

On the storm cloud symbol ask people to write a prayer either for people living with the devastating effects of climate change or for the work still to be done on the issue.


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