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Programme practice papers

Christian Aid’s programme practice papers set out our approach to putting Partnership for Change into practice in our development and humanitarian programmes.

In addition to briefing papers about key areas of our programme work, partners, donors, academics, the media and other non-governmental organisations can also find case studies here that highlight important lessons from our use of these approaches.

Power and governance

Just power relations is about changing the power structures and dynamics that keep people in poverty.

This series provides an introduction to the topic of power analysis and tools to help us understand how power is created, sustained or resisted so we can understand what structures need to change and how we can do it.

pdf iconPower Analysis - Introduction




pdf iconTool 1: Body Mapping




pdf iconTool 2: Power Mapping




Tool 3 Power Matrix – tbc

Christian Aid and pro-poor market development

Enriching the Lives of marginalised producers: Inclusive Market Development

The case studies featured in this report highlight examples of how Christian Aid is promoting new approaches and models of economic development that put poor producers at centre stage of the market.

pdf iconDownload the case study




Filling the Gaps

A social return on investment study on the impacts of our Filling the Gaps health programme in Kenya.

pdf iconDownload Filling the Gaps: A social return on investment analysis (PDF, 1.4mb)





Power to change institutions

Monitoring government policies

A toolkit for civil society organisations in Africa

pdf iconMonitoring government policies (PDF, 1.6mb, opens in new window)



Community-led policy monitoring for disaster risk reduction

Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action at Local Level

pdf iconCommunity-led policy monitoring (PDF, 2.5mb)




The right to essential services

Christian Aid's policy on family planning

This document outlines our position on family planning.

pdf iconDownload the paper




Community health: Christian Aid’s approach

One of Christian Aid's strategic objectives is to ‘increase access to those services essential to ensuring healthy lives, coping with emergencies and creating resilient livelihoods’.

This framework focuses on the right to health services and Christian Aid’s community health approach.

pdf icon  Community health: Christian Aid's approach (PDF, 0.1mb)



HIV SAVE leaflet

Christian Aid's holistic approach to HIV treatment and prevention, which identifies the need for:

  • Safer practices

  • Access to treatment

  • Voluntary counselling and testing

  • Empowerment 

pdf iconHIV SAVE leaflet (PDF, 1.1mb) 




Fair shares in a constrained world

Thriving, Resilient Livelihoods: Christian Aid’s Approach

Christian Aid wants to enable poor people to move beyond survival and subsistence, to enjoy thriving and dignified lives through building a resilient livelihood. This document aims to introduce Christian Aid staff and its partners to this approach.         

pdf iconEnglish version (PDF, 1.6mb)




pdf icon French version (PDF, 1.2mb)




pdf icon Spanish version (PDF, 1.2mb)  




Christian Aid good practice guide: participatory vulnerability and capacity assessments

A Participatory Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (PVCA) empowers poor people to analyse their problems and suggest their own solutions.

This document outlines how to conduct a PVCA and the challenges that have arised from previous assessments.


pdf icon  Participatory Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments (PDF, 0.7mb)  




Christian Aid and Pro-Poor Market Development

Christian Aid believes that by pursuing more market-oriented approaches we can create opportunities run by poor people to grow in scale, profitability and strength to survive when faced with economic or environmental stress.

This document defines the Pro-Poor Market Development (PPMD) approach and its ability to put economic power into the hands of the poor. 

pdf iconChristian Aid and Pro-Poor Market Development (PDF, 1.3mb)

A short two-page briefing with case studies summing up Christian Aid’s approach to pro-poor market development.

  pdf icon

Market based development: enabling poor producers and consumers to thrive (PDF, 0.6mb)


Pro-Poor Market Development: case studies

This document outlines Christian Aid PPMD case studies

pdf iconPro-Poor Market Development: case studies (PDF, 1.1mb)




Climate Change Adaptation Toolkits

pdf icon   Framework and approach (PDF, 0.9mb)



  pdf icon  Developing a Climate Change Analysis (PDF, 0.9mb) 



  pdf icon  Developing a programme strategy and plan of action (PDF, 0.9mb) 



pdf icon

Renewable energy to eradicate poverty (PDF, 2mb)




Programme Management

Improving impact: do accountability measures improve results?

This research report demonstrates how greater accountability between aid agencies and those they serve drives greater efficiency and delivers better results.

pdf iconImproving impact: do accountability measures improve results? (PDF, 2.7mb)



How Christian Aid assesses value for money in its programmes

This paper discusses Christian Aid's aim to work on programmes that are value for money (VfM): achieving the best results with the money and resources available. 

pdf iconHow Christian Aid assesses value for money in programmes (PDF, 0.2mb)



This document uses Christian Aid's existing programmes as value for money examples.

pdf iconValue for money in practice case study (PDF, 0.6mb)  

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