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Reflection for the month


The wonder of creation

From 1 September until 4 October, we join with Christians across the world to mark the Season of Creation, beginning with the World Day of Prayer for Creation on 1 September. 

There is an abundance of resources, including the short film below, to help guide our reflections through this season and to galvanise our energy for the Speak Up week of action on climate change in October.

One farmer, Rodah, knows just how much of a struggle it is to till and to keep the earth. Getting a good harvest from a small plot of dry land has been hard over recent years. Rodah used to walk up to 10km each day to get the water to keep her crops alive. But despite her hard work, Rodah's harvest was never enough.

Then Christian Aid's partner ADSE, a branch of the Anglican Church in Kenya, helped Rodah's community to build a sand dam.

The dam keeps precious water in the river close to Rodah, so she can nurture her land and grow an abundant harvest. She has been able to sell some of her crops and has bought water pipes and a pump. And now she can afford to send her children to school too.

Rodah's success story features in our Harvest Appeal this year.

  • Pause to remember and give thanks for the food and abundance we know.'

God's will is that the good land is made better by our caring for it and our harnessing its potential to provide and satisfy. This fact is true for all of us, wherever we live in the world.

Particularly (but not only) at Harvest time, we pause to remember and give thanks for the food and abundance we know. With gratitude we bless and honour God by taking care of the land and ensuring everyone can eat their fill.


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