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Monthly prayers


6 November (Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost)

'One generation shall laud your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.' (Psalm 145:4)

Footprint in the earth
Echo on a mountain
Memory, lesson, love-song sung long after we're gone

What will we leave behind when we leave?
It is said that one generation lauds your works to another – God of eternity, may we leave love as our legacy.
When we are called on, may kindness and justice be our answer.
May truth be on our tongues, in our hearts and articulated in our actions.
May all our life be a love-song to you.

13 November (Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost)

Isaiah 65:17-25

God who hangs heaven high above us, lipping with stars in a deep, ethereal blue
God who plants us on your earth, encouraging community and calling for a just and joyful sharing
God who crafts infants in the womb, who are destined for a long life of wonder, wandering free in your world
Create in us the peace that will bring newness to your creation.
May nothing we do hurt or destroy or cause your children calamity.

20 November (Twenty-seventh Sunday after Pentecost)

God be our refuge, when troubles rise high like raging waters and fear foams round in a fury.
God be our strength, when nations roar and kingdoms totter and violence visits the vulnerable first and fiercest.
You, who break the bow and shatter the spear, breathe peace on your people.
Call us to be refuge and strength for those who hide and hope and wait for the dawn.

27 November (First Sunday in Advent)

'Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.' (Matthew 24:42)

Let us walk in the light of the Lord.

All you people, come to the mountain of God and let goodness guide you.
Open the eyes of your heart to see the face of God in each human being.
Find the gentle footprint of the divine on your path and follow.

All you people, open the ears of your spirit.
Hear the laughter of Christ in the joyful song of children.
Recognise his cries in their hunger and fear, and respond like you would to your own.

All you people, open your hands, so tired of clenching – striking out in anger or holding on like grim death to things that stifle life.
Stretch them out and embrace each other.
Free yourself by flinging away the trinkets that have trapped you.

God of peace, lift us up.
May we walk by your light, wide-eyed and awake and ready to welcome you wherever we find you.


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