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Monthly prayers

Throughout the year, Christian Aid offers a monthly prayer page that links into the liturgical calendar. 

June 5 (Ascension)

Risen and ascended Lord Jesus,
When we are numbed by the suffering of the world,
Take us back to the deep truth
Of your power and glory,
Of your invincible Kingdom,
Of your promise of reconciliation.
In the knowledge of this truth,
Help us to bring our gaze to earth
And find the strength to go into the world,
to do your will on earth as in heaven.
To build the kingdom of God
On earth as it is in heaven.

June 12 (Pentecost Sunday)

Boundless God
We praise you for your transforming love
Poured onto your disciples on the day of Pentecost
And freely offered to us now.
We praise you for your Son
Who, in his words and his actions,
brought good news to the poor.
We praise you for the Spirit who changes lives
And for the many lives changed through Christian Aid.
Give us open hands and hearts to receive the gift of your Holy Spirit,
And open eyes and ears to perceive
your Spirit at work in the world today,
We ask this in Jesus’ name.

June 19 (Trinity Sunday)

A prayer from Colombia

We believe in a loving God,
Whose Word sustains our lives
And the work of our hands in the universe.
God is life.
We believe in God’s Son among us
Who brought the seed of life’s renewal.
He lived with the poor to show the meaning of love.
Jesus Christ is Lord.
We believe in the Spirit of Life
Who makes us one with God,
Whose strength and energy renews our own.
The Spirit is love.


June 26 (Matthew 10:40-42)

Hospitable God,
as you give of yourself to us,
may we give of ourselves to others.
May we lead holy lives,
shaped not only by occasional encounters with prophets
but by the small acts and decisions that make up our lives.
Open us up to hospitality, given and received,
and when we give even a cup of water,
help us to recognise your face in the other
and so be changed. 

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Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

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