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Monthly prayers

Throughout the year, Christian Aid offers a monthly prayer page that links into the liturgical calendar.

August 7 (Matthew 14:22-33)

Challenging God,
Who calls us to step where we sometimes dare not tread,
Give us the courage to get out of the boat,
To leave behind the security of what we know,
To broaden our vision of church and inclusion and community.
May we respond to your invitation to change and grow,
And in the knowledge of your strength and companionship,
Be led to a bigger space,
Where all people may know your blessings.

August 14 (Psalm 33)

A prayer from Jamaica (slightly adapted)

Gracious and compassionate God,
faithful to all your promises,
supplier of our needs,
may we rejoice in you, and never underestimate
the value of all that you afford us;
nor the usefulness of the endowments you give
for the realization of your purposes.
May we never so take for granted
the gifts your bounteous grace provides
as to become victims of the callousness
that produces an abundance of waste.
And save us, we ask you, from becoming
purveyors of the careless and irresp onsible disposal
of the waste we produce.

August 21 (Isaiah 51:1-6)

God of all the ages
Give us the vision to look beyond ourselves,
To stand with the great ancestors of our faith,
And with all the unnamed ordinary folk
who have shown love to the loveless,
welcomed the stranger,
spoken out for justice and righteousness.
Help us to be people of integrity,
And give us a vision of your glory,
Where the wilderness will be filled with joy and gladness,
Thanksgiving and the voice of song.

August 28 (Matthew 16:21-28)

Loving God in Jesus,
Who faced Jerusalem to undergo great suffering,
Be with all who suffer today;
All whose bodies are broken,
All who experience betrayal and fear and abandonment.
May we be willing to enter into the suffering of the world,
May we see your face in the people we meet there.

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