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Monthly prayers

Throughout the year, Christian Aid offers a monthly prayer page that links into the liturgical calendar.

September 4 (Romans 13:8-10)

Blessed are you, beloved God, giver of love,
who has made us to love in return.
Blessed are you, who has given us to delight in others.
Blessed are you, God of the seasons of life, who makes autumn to follow summer.
Beloved God, we give thanks for love more powerful than death,
and that love is the fulfilment of the law.
Help us to look afresh at the cost and the joy of justice and mercy,
and to make gracefully the sacrifices love requires of us.
In the name of Jesus our brother and friend.

September 11 (Exodus 14:19-31)

You who divided the sea,
And gloriously delivered your people;
You who turned storms into gentle winds,
And troubled waves into tranquil water;
You who make cabbages grow,
And apples blossom,
Wash us with justice
Teach us with righteousness;
Speak to us daily;
Strengthen us to serve you.
(Adapted from a prayer from the Christian Conference of Asia)

September 18 (Matthew 20:1-16)

Today, let us be grateful for changing things:
for cloud patterns and seasonal landscapes,
for the restless sea and multi-coloured earth,
for branch and leaf and fruit and flower,
for rocks, weather-carved like an old face which could tell stories,
for wind and water and all that was never meant to stand still,
for the lilies waving in the field.
This is your economy, Lord. Teach us its value.
Set up your cross in the market places of our world,
To remind us of your love for the unproductive, the imperfect and the lost,
And of the malice of human greed.
Redeem our souls, redeem our peoples, redeem our times.
(Wild Goose Resource Group)

September 25 (Exodus 17:1-7)

Loving God,
Source and sustainer of life,
As we hear the ancient story of Moses,
May we recognise our own power
To bring water to the desert.
Help us to use our knowledge
For the good of your world,
And may your deep wells of grace and goodness flow
To meet the needs of all your people.

You can download more resources for your church at harvest here , including prayers, sermon notes and an all-age talk.

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