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Monthly prayers


1 January (First Sunday after Christmas Day)

At the dawn of a new year,
we come to welcome hope for a new world.

Let the darkness lift,
to welcome a dawn of plenty,
with enough for everyone
and people ready to share.

Let the day begin,
with new energy for the struggle
to protect our children
and to care for the vulnerable.

Let the light shine,
to open a path to safety
for all who are seeking home
and longing for life.

Let the sun rise
on new talks and new resolve
to end the bombing and the terror
and to find solutions that will last.

At the dawn of a new year
we come to declare our hope
and to welcome a new world.

8 January (Baptism of the Lord)

Oh God,
are you 'well pleased' with me?
Could it really be true,
that I am your beloved?

Give me courage
to believe that,
in my baptism, you chose me
and anointed me,
to serve you.

Give me the grace
with which to burn
with love for you
and for your people.
Give me the Holy Spirit,
to come upon me,
to anoint me and to bless me,
so that I may know that I am yours.

And show me how
I can so live and speak
of your burning love
for all your people
that all will know
that they too are your chosen ones
in whom you truly delight.

15 January (Second Sunday after Epiphany)

Open our eyes, Lord Jesus,
to the world around us.
Show us what we should see
but from which we hide our eyes.
Show us how people live in this world
and the reality of their days.
Give us courage to do what you ask and to
'Come and see'.

Open our eyes, Lord Jesus,
to the shape of your Kingdom.
Show us what life could be like
if only we could see in wisdom.
Show us what we could do
to change things forever with you.
Give us courage to have a vision and to
'Come and see'.

Open our eyes, Lord Jesus,
to the people all around us.
Show us what we should see,
but what we fail to notice.
Show us what people are saying to us
and what they long for.
Give us courage to be where you are and to
'Come and see'.

22 January (Third Sunday after Epiphany)

O God,
you promise to hide me in your shelter in the day of trouble,
and to conceal me in the corner of your tent.
When I am overwhelmed
by my own needs and the needs of the world,
I know that I can come and hide with you.
When changing the world seems too much
and the needs of others weigh upon me,
I know that you will give me space to think and rest.
When life just feels too much and the anxiety in me is great,
you offer me solace and a space to be.

And when you make me ready,
I will follow you.
When you gather my courage,
I will go where you lead me.
With your love inspiring me,
I will speak and act in your name.

29 January (Fourth Sunday after Epiphany)

God, bless those who are in poor spirit,
who feel empty inside and who dread the day.

God, bless those who mourn and grieve,
who ache with loss for someone so much loved.

God, bless the people who are meek,
who do not grasp or shout or demand to be first in the queue.

God, bless the people who are hungry for justice
and who cannot wait for everyone to have their rights.

God, bless all who are merciful,
who have learned to forgive even those who hurt them hard.

God, bless all who are pure in heart,
in whom there is no vengefulness, but only love.

God, bless the peacemakers,
the ones who, by their words and deeds, can change the world.

God, bless the persecuted ones,
and keep them safe from those who would hurt them.

God, so rich in blessings for your children,
we rejoice in your promises and in your boundless and transforming grace.


This month's prayers are written by Susan Durber. Susan is a minister of the United Reformed Church, serving in Taunton. She was formerly Christian Aid’s Theology Advisor. 


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