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Monthly prayers

2 September

‘He gave us birth by the word of truth..’

God of justice,
we are so grateful that you are also a God of grace.
repaying us not for our poor hearts but for their potential,
forgiving our debts as we forgive our debtors.

O Lord Christ, who became poor that we might be rich,
Deliver us from a comfortable conscience if we believe or intend
That others should be poor that we might be rich.
For in God’s economy,
No one is expendable.
Grant us instead the riches of love.

9 September

A prayer for Racial Justice Sunday (from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland Racial Justice Sunday Resource Pack)

Loving God
We are all wonderfully made in your image
Help your world to see you in each face
To see that each person has value
Each person has a heart
Each person has a name
We thank you for all your people who work tirelessly to bring racism
to an end
In Jesus name we pray

16 September

‘Who do you say I am?’

Lord Jesus,
You are a Lord who walks beside your people.
So we pray for people who walk for justice.

You are a Lord who raises up those who are bent low.
So we pray for those held down by the grindings of life
and the indifference of the world.

You are a Lord who feeds the hungry
So we pray for all who long for bread
And the means to provide it.

You are a Lord who celebrates the small and the insignificant.
So we pray for the children
And for those who are never noticed.

You are a Lord who says ‘Follow me’.
So we pray for courage and faith in our hearts
That we may take up the cross and find it leads to life.

23 September

‘Who is wise and understanding among you?’

Lord Jesus,
we are so grateful that you show us the meaning of abundant living
where everyone eats and has enough
where a sharing community is the measure of success
where generosity of spirit is true wealth.

We are grateful for what money can buy;
food, shelter, access of many kinds.
We are even more grateful for what money can't buy;
companionship, hospitality,
the beauty of creation and the abiding power of love.
Thank you for offering the alternative of appreciation
to the driven-ness of possession,
and a resting place for our restless hearts.

30 September

‘Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so you may be healed.’

A good friend doesn't let you get away with murder
but will speak for you in your defence

a good friend asks hard questions
but stays with you while you struggle with the answers

a good friend sees you at your worst
but still loves you

a good friend has had plenty of practice
in forgiving you

a good friend has no illusions about you
(knows you're only human)
but still has hopes for you

everyone needs a good friend,
otherwise you'd just go on making the
same dreary old mistakes

God of wisdom, God of justice, God of mercy,
be our friend.


Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

Our reflection for this month.

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