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Monthly prayers

5 August

‘Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life’

Lord Jesus, it’s so good to know
That you really lived in the flesh,
walked where we walk, felt what we feel,
got tired, had sore and dirty feet,
needed to eat, and to think about
where the next meal was coming from.

But it’s even better to know
that you enjoyed your food,
the scent of the perfume on your skin,
the wind on your face, a child in your arms
and the good wine at the wedding.
You didn’t mind when people touched you,
even those who were thought of as unclean.
You kissed people with diseases
and leaned on your friend’s shoulder.
Thank you for understanding our bodily pains and pleasures
and for valuing them.

12 August

‘This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die’

What do you bring to Christ’s table?
We bring bread,
made by many people’s work
from an unjust world
where some have plenty
and most go hungry.

At this table, all are fed
and no one turned away.
Thanks be to God

What do you bring to Christ’s table?
We bring wine,
made by many people’s work
from an unjust world
where some have leisure
and most struggle to survive

At this table, all share the cup
of pain and celebration
And no one is denied.
Thanks be to God

These gifts shall be for us
the body and blood of Christ,
Our witness against hunger,
our cry against injustice,
And our hope for a world
where God is fully known
And every child is fed.
Thanks be to God

(Brian Wren, from ‘Bread of Tomorrow’, ed. Janet Morley, Christian Aid/SPCK 1992)

19 August 

‘The one who eats this bread will live for ever’

God of small beginnings
and rising hopes,
may we see eternity
in each wheat grain:
ours for today’s bread
and tomorrow’s planting;
food of life; gift to the future
and seed of hope.

(Joy Mead, from ‘The One Loaf, an everyday celebration’, Wild Goose Publications 2000)

26 August 

‘It is the spirit that gives life’

Loving God, take our hands
take our lives,
ordinary as wheat or cornmeal,
daily as bread-
our stumbling generosity,
our simple actions,
and find them good enough
to help prepare the feast
for all your people.


Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

Our reflection for this month.

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