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First Sunday of Advent - 2 December

These prayers are taken from Christian Aid's 2012 Christmas resources.

To you,
O steadfast God,
we turn.
To you,
who remembers the days of old,
we say
remember us.

The sun hides its face,
the moon trembles,
the stars lose their brilliance
as, confict riven,
Palestinian and Israeli
look suspiciously at each other.

They remind us of stories we don’t want to hear,
people we do not want to engage with,
as we prepare for Christmas.

Nevertheless, in your presence,
God of all people,
we pause in empathy and hope,
and look with others
for the springing of the righteous branch
with buds of justice,
which will blossom into flowers of peace.

Second Sunday of Advent - 9 December

The voice of one comes
crying out in the wilderness
… prepare the way of the Lord.

A messenger prepares the way,
transforming us like the refiner’s fire
… calling us to account.

For the prophets of old have spoken,
announcing the breaking open of the dawn
… guiding our feet in the way of peace.

Merciful God forgive us…
Forgive us when we are quick
to point the finger at someone else.
Forgive us when we put our heads down
and ignore the cries of injustice.
Forgive us when we presume to understand
the complexity of issues that divide and distract
the peoples of the land your feet once walked.

Merciful God...
forgive us, heal us,
encourage us and speak through us,
that we may be transformed through the refiner’s fire,
and the offerings of our hands and our hearts
may prepare the way for the Christ child
to be welcomed among us in peace.

Third Sunday of Advent - 16 December

The people asked John the Baptist:
What then should we do?
And he bade them share what they had.
God of salvation, may we do the same.
As we deal with the difficult questions of our day –
as to how we should live –
give us confidence in you as our refuge and defence;
help us to live willing to draw and share water
from the well of our salvation;
and root our lives deeply in hope, love and joy.

Fourth Sunday of Advent - 23 December

God of hosts, restore us –
you who bring down the mighty
and raise on high the lowly.

In the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth
you stirred life, joy and hope in women
who were insignificant in the world’s eyes.

May this encourage us
to pay attention to the forgotten people,
the unimportant places, the insignificant encounters,
and there recognise hope waiting to be born.

As we wait for the coming of our Saviour,
let your face shine on us,
so that we in turn might radiate light
that no darkness will ever smother.

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