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Monthly prayers


3 March (Third Sunday in Lent)

With those who live
in dry and weary lands,
who know what it is to hunger
and to thirst,
we pray.

We pray
that we may learn what it is
to hunger for you,
to thirst for justice,
so all may have daily bread.


10 March (Fourth Sunday in Lent)

Beloved God,
with the eagerness of a child, you wait for our coming,
with the urgency of a mother, you long for our return
with the anxious heart of a father, your arms ache to hold us.
The disappointment, the judgment, the turning away,
that’s us, not you.
Forgive us and heal us
of everything in us that recoils from our common humanity.
You have given us such worth;
help us to take all creation at your valuation
and to know ourselves, and all your children, precious and loved.


17 March (Fifth Sunday in Lent)

These feet, now that I see them,
Have walked many roads,
seen many miles,
marched many days.

They tell the long hard story
of dry hot earth
sharp stones
and say little of rest.

Until now.
A mile-stone has been reached
A stopping point reached.
And in this time,
may they be honored and celebrated
for the work they have done,
And may they be restored and blessed
for the road that is to come.


24 March (Palm Sunday)

Blessed is the king who comes in the name of Lord!
Gracious God, as we stand at the gates of the city,
Give us grace to recognise the king we proclaim,
And courage to be a part of your kingdom -
Even when it goes against our ways and the ways of the world,
Even when it leads us where we do not want to go.
Empower us to free ourselves from the tempting alternatives
Of power and wealth and status,
And embolden us to live lives of thanksgiving and praise. 
Peace in heaven and glory in the highest heaven!


31 March (Easter Sunday)

Waiting God,
In the collecting of a handful of grain
We wait for the Easter dawn

In a minibus travelling from community to community
We wait for the Easter dawn

In people marching with placards and banners
We wait for the Easter dawn

We wait, and we hope…


Risen God
We celebrate with you
In the moment when the sun breaks open the dawn

We celebrate with you
In the moment when people marching for land rights realise their dream
We celebrate with you
In the moment when life in all its fullness overcomes the despair of death

And we proclaim:
Christ is risen
Christ is risen indeed

Clare McBeath


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