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Monthly prayers


7 April (Second Sunday of Easter)

O Christ, today, gloriously, joyfully, you live for ever
in the life of the world,
in the hearts of those who love you,
in the power of the Spirit to transcend even death.
May we who love you, and find in you our hope,
bear witness, as Thomas did,
that your risen body still carries the marks
of the world’s violence, injustice and greed,
and as we remember and rejoice,
help us to keep faith with all who still, today,
suffer the outrages of violence, injustice and greed.
In our actions, in our prayers, in our choices and in our commitment,
teach us the true meaning of good news for the poor.


14 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

Call our names, Lord.
Call us as you called Saul, when we are travelling in the wrong direction,
when we are breathing threats,
when our hearts are full of evil intent.
Speak to us in unexpected voices
and set us on a new path.
Call our names, Lord.

Call our names, Lord.
Call us as you called Ananias to be an instrument of healing,
to be agents of change,
to speak truth to power.
Even when we are fearful of the cost,
give us trust in your sending.
Call our names, Lord.

Call our names, Lord.
Call us as you called the disciples and invited them for breakfast,
even though they did not recognise you.
Help us to see that there will be enough food for everyone
if we persist through the long night of waiting,
if we take the risks of faith and sharing
to reach the abundance of daybreak.
Call our names, Lord.

Call our names, Lord.
Call us as you called Simon Peter and asked for his love,
then told him to feed and tend your people.
May we see the connection
between love of you and love of your people;
that we too may feed and be fed,
and follow you.
Call our names, Lord.

You hear the lambs a-cryin’
Hear the lambs a-cryin’, hear the lambs a-cryin’
O shepherd, feed my sheep.
O Lord, my love you see and know
O Shepherd, feed my sheep
Then give me grace to love you more;
O Shepherd, feed my sheep.

African-Caribbean spiritual, traditional


21 April (Fourth Sunday of Easter) 

When you heard Peter say to the body,
'Tabitha, get up.'
Were you delighted with his faith?
With his belief that in Christ
death is actually overcome?

Do you will us to believe yet?
To believe that almost one billion people can
hunger no more,
thirst no more and
every tear can be wiped away from their eyes.

Help us to hear the call to life,
to get up and serve as Tabitha
'devoted to good works and acts of charity'
And to live in resurrection hope,
that is both now and then.


28 April (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

You are making all things new.
A new heaven
A new earth
A new way of thinking
A new way of being.
You are making all things new.
No more Death
No more mourning
No more crying
No more pain. 
You are making all things new.
Renew our minds
to renew the world
by living out your
commandment of love.
You are making all things new.

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