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Monthly prayers


5 May (Sixth Sunday of Easter)

God of dreams and Lord of visions,
We pray for eyes to see and ears to hear
For hearts and minds that will respond
To all that you reveal to us:

'Come,' said the man who spoke through the night,
'Come to Macedonia and help us.'

And his plea echoes others offered down through the centuries
'Come,' they chorus,
'Help,' they implore

In places of famine and desert they cry:
'Bring to our nations the waters of life'

In places of pain and brokenness they cry:
'Bring to our nations leaves for healing, from the tree of life'

In places of conflict and betrayal they cry:
'Bring to this world the peace that was given by Jesus himself'

And of course, today,
We’ll endeavour to bring justice and peace,
freedom and healing and love. 

But in our ambition to build heaven on earth,
Remind us, good God of vision and dreams,
With eyes to see and ears to hear,
And hearts and minds to understand,
That those we seek to help today,
May be the very ones anointed
To reveal the paths of salvation
That we are yet to walk.


9 May (Ascension Day)

I thirst, I thirst
for the spring waters. Draw it up
for me from your heart's well, and I will change
it to wine upon your unkissed lips.

RS Thomas, from ‘Ann Griffith’

Lord of life,
We do not know the face of the future, any more than your disciples did.
Like them, we have many questions;
how to live
how to bear witness.
Like them, we thirst for the spring waters of the Spirit
to inspire us in our living
to give us a heart language in our testimony.

You have been raised in glory that we might rise with dignity
You live in power that we might live in peace
You are present everywhere that we might be fully present in our own lives
This we believe
This we step out on.
Glory, hallelujah!

He lives, to bless me with his love
glory, hallelujah!
He lives, to plead for me above,
glory, hallelujah!
He lives, my hungry soul to feed,
glory, hallelujah!
He lives, to help in time of need,
glory, hallelujah!

Samuel Medley, from 'The Sacred Harp', 1850


12 May (Seventh Sunday of Easter)

Prayer in Christian Aid Week

This red envelope, Lord, has been put through my letterbox.
And I have delivered others like it through other doors
in this Christian Aid Week.
As have hundreds of others in churches and faith communities all over
the land.

It seems such a small thing,
in the face of such global hunger, poverty and injustice.

And yet, small and slight as it is, this red envelope is a sign, a
of an unwillingness to do nothing,
to let the powers and principalities of entrenched inequality
remain unchallenged and unchanged.
For you, Creator God, have told us what is good,
and what you require of us -
to do what is just, to show constant love
and to live in humble fellowship with you.

So I thank you for these red envelopes,
for all those who deliver and collect them,
for all those many more, of all faiths and none,
who give through them.
And I pray that as a result
someone somewhere will be able
to buy a mosquito net, or rebuild a house,
or send their daughter to school, or dig a well,
or sow seeds and in due course
reap a harvest - a harvest of hope.

Let your blessing, change-making God,
be upon the work of Christian Aid and all agencies
and people of good will everywhere
who seek your Shalom and pursue it.

In the name of the One who came that people might have life -
life in all its fullness.

Stewart Smith


19 May (Pentecost Sunday)

Generous God,
You are the source of all life, creating and sustaining every living thing.
You are the source of all food, material and spiritual, nourishing us in both body and soul.
You are the light that goes before us, shining into the darkness.
Give thanks for all who have taken part in this Christian Aid Week.
For all that it will make possible.
And for all whose lives will be touched by it.
May we be filled with your breath
Nourished by your food
Renewed by your living water
and sustained by your love.


26 May (Trinity Sunday)

Living Love,
beginning and end,
giver of food and drink,
clothing and warmth,
love and hope:
life in all its goodness - 
we praise and adore you.

Jesus, wisdom and word;
lover of outcasts,
friend of the poor;
one of us yet one with God;
crucified and risen:
life in the midst of death -
we praise and adore you.

Holy Spirit, storm and breath of love;
bridge-builder, eye-opener,
waker of the oppressed,
unseen and unexpected,
untameable energy of life -
we praise and adore you.

Holy Trinity, forever one,
whose nature is community;
source of all sharing,
in whom we love, and meet, and know our neighbour:
life in all its fullness, making all things new:
we praise and adore you.

Brian Wren, Christian Aid Prayers, 1980


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