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Monthly prayers


2 June (Second Sunday after Pentecost)

The plans are now in place,
Venues have been booked,
Publicity has been arranged,
Speakers have been organised.
Only speak the word, Lord.

Campaign cards have been signed,
Paper plates have been decorated,
Creative photographs have been taken of
rocks, cupcakes and people spelling out the word ‘IF’.
Only speak the word, Lord.

Short films have been uploaded,
Presentations have been downloaded,
Discussions on land, tax, aid and transparency go on.
Our appetite for justice has been whetted.
Only speak the word, Lord.

We place all these IF campaign offerings before you.
And ask for the bold confidence of Elijah and
the deep faith of the Centurion.
Only speak the word, Lord,
Let our world be healed.

9 June (Third Sunday after Pentecost)

Our Father,
who is in us here on earth,
holy is your name
in the hungry
who share their bread and their song.
Your Kingdom come,
which is a generous land
which flows with milk and honey.
Let us do your will,
standing up when all are sitting down,
and raising our voice
when all are silent.
You are giving us our daily bread
in the song of the bird and the miracle of the corn.
Forgive us
for keeping silent in the face of injustice
and for burying our dreams,
for not sharing bread and wine,
love and the land,
among us, now.
Don't let us fall into the temptation
of shutting the door through fear;
of resigning ourselves to hunger and injustice;
of taking up the same arms as the enemy.
But deliver us from evil.
Give us the perseverance and the solidarity
to look for love,
even if the path has not yet been trodden,
even if we fall;
so we shall have known your kingdom
which is being built for ever and ever.

Central American Lord's Prayer (shortened)

16 June (Fourth Sunday after Pentecost)

Lord Jesus,
You came that all might have life in abundance.
When you fed hungry people, everyone ate and had enough.
We know that there is enough food for everyone:
If we don’t look the other way.
If we give the poorest people the power to feed themselves.
If we use land for food not fuel.
If we stop poor farmers losing their land.
If taxes are paid where they are due.
So, Lord Jesus,
direct our attention to see beyond our own needs.
Strengthen the hungry poor and their rights.
Preserve and protect the land that brings forth food.
And contend with us for justice.

23 June (Fifth Sunday after Pentecost)

Loving God, take our hands
take our lives,
ordinary as wheat or cornmeal,
daily as bread -
our stumbling generosity,
our simple actions,
and find them good enough
to help prepare the feast
for all your people.

30 June (Sixth Sunday after Pentecost)

Jesus, Bread of Life,
bless our advocacy and our commitment.
As your love has called us,
let us pray with confidence.
As your love has held us,
let us act with courage.
As your love has blessed us,
let us unite with hope
that no one may go hungry.


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Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

Our reflection for this month.

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