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Monthly prayers


2 March (Last Sunday after Epiphany)

Tilt the scales,
O God of the mustard seed:
That the poor shall see justice.

Share the feast,
O God of Eden's abundant garden:
That each crop may fetch a fair price.

Upset the tables,
O God of the upside-down Kingdom:
That the least can benefit from their trade.

Open our eyes,
O God of life in all its fullness:
That we may learn to walk the way of your son
tilting, sharing, upsetting this world

Not satisfied
until the products we bring to our table
Give a better deal, to all who hunger for one.

In His name, Amen.

Prayer for Fairtrade Fortnight, from the Fairtrade Foundation

Ash Wednesday

Lord Jesus,
When I would shut my eyes –
because I am afraid to see,
when I would hold on tightly –
because I am afraid to share,
when I would close my doors –
because I am afraid to get involved,
may I find courage
in the company of your people,
learning with them to open my eyes,
my hands,
my home
and my heart.

9 March (First Sunday in Lent)

God of revelation,
unveil your Kingdom in our midst.
Show us who we truly are in you:
expose the illusions that distort
our vision,
deliver us from temptations that
contort our living,
open our eyes in this time of trial –
that resistance may be the secret
of our joy
and our joy a sign of your shalom.

16 March (Second Sunday in Lent)

For those who have watched over me,
for those that have protected me,
for those that have shielded me,
thanks be to the Lord,
maker of heaven and earth.

For the roof that shades me from the sun,
for the walls that shield me from the storm,
for the bed that warms me in the night,
thanks be to the Lord,
maker of heaven and earth.

To the one who keeps me from evil,
to the one who preserves my life,
to the one who watches over my coming and going,
thanks be to the Lord,
maker of heaven and earth.

23 March (Third Sunday in Lent)

We will listen and we will remember.
We will rehearse the stories and we will renounce them.
We will weep and we will work for the coming of the time
when not one baby will be abandoned because of her gender,
not one girl will be used against her will for another’s pleasure,
not one young woman will be denied the chance of an education,
not one mother will be forced to abandon her child,
not one woman will have to sell her body,
not one crone will be cast off by her people and left to die alone.

Nicola Slee, from Praying Like A Woman, SPCK, 2004

30 March (Fourth Sunday in Lent)

God of Ruth and Naomi,
of hope in bitterness,
harvest in hunger,
life in death,
we offer our prayers of blessing
on the feet and lives of women and men
living in poverty and taking risks to
feed their families and communities.

You, Lord, are born in our resistance to injustice
and shoulder with women the burden of poverty.
Invite us into solidarity with them and with you,
as you lead us to life and justice.


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Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

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