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Monthly prayers


5 March (First Sunday in Lent)

Eternal God,
You are gracious and loving,
You open your arms to welcome us,
Seeing us when we do not see you,
And calling us to be in community.

As our refuge and saviour,
We thank you for bringing us together today,
For granting us a safe home in you,
To share in your grace and mercy.

We seek to treat you not as a hiding place,
But shout out with joy and justice,
And use your strength to find ours,
So we can be with you in the world each day. 

12 March (Second Sunday in Lent)

In a world filled with fear due to:
Conflict and climate change,
Disease and discrimination,
Starvation and solitude,
Prejudice and persecution,
We hear you calling out to us:
Do not be afraid,
And ask you to guide us to be:
Bold and brave,
Wise and welcoming,
Protective and protesting,
Supportive and strong.
We ask to hear you once again say:
Do not be afraid.

19 March (Third Sunday in Lent)

Loving God,
You came in human form to show us real love,
You came to talk to the marginalised,
You came to forgive,
You came to cry out against injustice.
As we see refugees being turned away,
As we see temperatures rising,
As we see people dying from preventable diseases,
As we see women abused and violated,
We ask you to once again come into and open our hearts,
We ask you to open our eyes to see the pain of others,
We ask you to help us support those working for justice,
We ask you to give us righteous anger to cry out for all.
Loving God teach us to love as you love.

26 March (Fourth Sunday in Lent)

Mothering God,
On this day we remember all mothers,
We pray for the mother, who cares for their children as well as their extended family,
That they will receive love and time to rest,
And we thank you for them. 

We pray for the mother, who is not ready, or fearful,
That they will have support and a community to soothe them,
And we thank you for them.

We pray for the mother, who sends her child away to protect them,
That their child is welcomed to safety and that they find each other again,
And we thank you for them.

We pray for the mother, who loses her child because of a sickness, war or accident,
That you will grant them peace, strength and memories to cherish,
And we thank you for them.

We pray for the mother, who struggles to make ends meet,
That we can work together to make their life easier,
And we thank you for them.

And we pray for each of our own mothers, who are always loving us,
That we can show them some of the love they give to us,
And we thank you for them.


This month's prayers are from Amelia Sutcliffe, a former intern with Christian Aid who is now studying for a Master of Sacred Theology degree at Union Theological Seminary, New York. 


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