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Monthly prayers


6 April (Fifth Sunday in Lent)

Take time in silence.
Read through Psalm 130, a Psalm of Ascent to Jerusalem.

Breath of life,
We think of those who cry out to you today,
of those who long for the morning,
of those who are waiting for the long
Lent to end.
We pray that our ears will be attentive
to their cry,
that we will stand with them,
steadfast together in your love,
bringing life before death.

13 April (Palm Sunday)

Ride on Lord Jesus.
Upon a colt,
over cloaks,
under branches –
ride on Lord Jesus.

Towards a city,
through its gates,
past the crowds –
ride on Lord Jesus.

As Hosannas fade
and enemies sneer,
as danger closes
and friends falter –
ride on Lord Jesus.

Showing the way,
teaching the truth,
bringing life for all.
In the name of the Lord –
ride on Lord Jesus.

20 April (Easter Sunday)

When we are all despairing,
when the world is full of grief,
when we see no way ahead
and hope has gone away:
Roll back the stone.

Although we fear change,
although we are not ready,
although we’d rather weep
and run away:
Roll back the stone.

Because we’re coming with the women,
because we hope where hope is vain,
because you call us from the grave
and show the way:
Roll back the stone.

Janet Morley

27 April (Second Sunday in Easter)

'You have made known to me the ways of life; you will make me full of gladness with your presence.' (Acts 2:28)

Risen Lord Jesus,
as the rising sun scatters the darkness,
let fear and the memory of failure be scattered from our souls
that we may live in the glorious freedom of the children of God

We raise up into your resurrection light all who are excluded from fullness of life
by poverty, unemployment or stigma
by injustice, criminality or neglect
by homelessness, landlessness or war
remembering in particular the peoples of [names may be added here]

Risen Lord Jesus,
let us be baptised by your resurrection light.
May we trust in you above all else,
hope in you above all else,
seek you in all things,
find you in every place,
meet you among all people,
know you through everything,
and love you
beyond, beyond, beyond all telling.
We pray in your name, living Lord.


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