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Monthly prayers


1 June (Seventh Sunday in Easter)

Loving God,
Open our hearts,
So that we may feel the breath and play of your Spirit.
Unclench our hands
So that we may reach out to one another,
And touch and be healed.
Open our lips
That we may drink in the delight and wonder of life.
Unclog our ears
To hear your agony in our inhumanity.
Open our eyes,
So that we may see Christ in friend and stranger.
Breathe your Spirit into us,
And touch our lives with the life of Christ, Amen.

Anon, Aotearoa (New Zealand), in Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley, SPCK, 1992

8 June (Pentecost Sunday)

Spirit of truth
Whom the world can never grasp,
Touch our hearts
With the shock of your coming;
Fill us with desire
For your disturbing peace;
And fire us with longing
To speak your uncontainable word
Through Jesus Christ.

Janet Morley, in Just One Year, edited by Timothy Radcliffe, DLT, 2006

15 June (Trinity Sunday)

We have heard about you,
God of all power.
You made the world out of kindness,
Creating order out of confusion;
You made each one of us in your own image;
Your fingerprint is on every soul.
So we praise you.
We praise and worship you.

We have heard about you,
Jesus Christ:
The carpenter who left his tools and trade;
The poor man who made others rich;
The healer who let himself be wounded;
The criminal on whom the soldiers spat
Not knowing they were fouling the face of God;
The saviour who died and rose again.
So we praise you.
We praise and worship you.

We have heard about you,
Holy Spirit.
You broke the bonds of every race and nation,
To let God speak in every tongue;
You made disciples drunk with grace;
You converted souls and emptied pockets;
You showed how love made all things new
And opened the doors to change and freedom.
So we praise you.
We praise and worship you.

Wild Goose Worship Group, in Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley, SPCK, 1992

22 June (Second Sunday after Pentecost)

A prayer for tax justice

God of justice
You call us to be your lights in the world
showing in our lives the Light of Christ.
Make us bold to shine in the darkest places,
revealing what businesses try to conceal
and bringing into the open all they would prefer to hide.
May our actions bear fruit;
transparency bringing honesty,
wealthy businesses paying their fair share of tax.
Give us persistence, make us impatient for change
and may we not cease
until all that is wrongfully covered up has been uncovered
and proclaimed from the housetops.

29 June (Third Sunday after Pentecost)

God of the impossible,
We pray for justice, peace and reconciliation;
When the challenges seem too many,
Remind us of your resurrection power;
When the task seems overwhelming,
Remind us of the miracle of love;
And when apathy threatens us,
Remind us of your vision of a world made whole.
Help us to hope that the impossible can happen
And live as if it might do so today.

From Creation Sings Your Praise, edited by Annabel Shilson-Thomas, Canterbury Press, 2010


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