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Monthly prayers


3 August (Eighth Sunday after Pentecost)

God of grace and love,
We pray that no-one may be threatened by hunger, malnutrition or scarcity.
Give bread to those who have none,
and hunger for justice to those who have bread.
Teach us what is enough for today,
and to share with those who have less than enough.
Let not the poorest pay for the benefit of the richest,
in unfair demands, punitive interest rates, excessive charges and dodged taxes.
But let justice prevail.

10 August (Ninth Sunday after Pentecost)

Beside the lake, Jesus came walking,
He called fishermen to leave their nets and follow him

Beside the lake, Jesus fed hungry people,
Everyone ate and had enough

Beside the lake, the crowds gathered round
And Jesus taught them and healed them

Beside the lake, Jesus sat round the fire with his friends,
And broke bread and fish with them

When the lake was wild, Jesus stilled it
When the wind stirred, Jesus came walking on the water
When the lake yielded nothing, Jesus gave a great catch.

Lord Jesus,
May we hear your word, walk in your way
trust in your providence,
and hold the needs of others in our hearts,
as you did. 

17 August (Tenth Sunday after Pentecost)

O Christ our Lord,
as the Canaanite woman brought her daughter’s need to you,
overcoming stigma and rejection to do so,
confident of your healing in her life,
we bring the needs of others in prayer:

Those for whom pain is a constant companion
Those who daily live with chronic illness or ill-health
Those who struggle with the confusion and distress of mental illness
Those who care for and treat people who are ill and sometimes have agonising decisions to face
Those for whom treatment is not available or affordable
And for ourselves in our own weakness

To all your children everywhere,
Lord Jesus Christ, bring healing, bring peace. Amen. 

24 August (Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost)

An Affirmation of Faith

I believe Lord, that everything good in the world comes from you.
I believe in your great love for all people.
I believe that, because you preached love, freedom and justice
you were humiliated, tortured and killed.
I believe that you continue to suffer in our people.
I believe that you call me to defend your cause,
but I also believe that you accompany me
in the task of transforming this world into a different one
where there is no suffering or weeping:
a world where there is a gigantic table set with free food where everyone is welcome.
I believe that you accompany us in waiting for the dawning of a new day.
I believe that you will give us strength so that death does not find us without having done enough,
And that you will rise in those who have died seeking a different world.

A peasant woman from El Salvador, from In God’s Hands: Common Prayer for the World, edited by Hugh McCullum and Terry MacArthur, WCC, 2006 

31 August (Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost)

Spirit of truth and judgement,
Who alone can exorcise the powers that grip our world;
At the point of crisis,
Give us your discernment,
That we may accurately name what is evil,
And know the way that leads to peace.

Janet Morley, from All Desires Known, SPCK, 1992


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