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Monthly prayers


Our prayers this month have been inspired by both Black History Month and the Hunger for Justice weekend of action for climate justice (18-19 October).

5 October (Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost)

As we come together we remember Black History Month,
we thank you, Lord, because you have made us all equal in your sight.
You are calling us to rise and look forward,
to serve you in unity, justice and peace.
We pray for communities that suffer inequality,
Where things are hidden from sight
and hearts are in darkness,
from the modern slavery that still exists.
We pray that you will bring justice,
freedom and equality for all.

12 October (Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost)

Gracious and loving God,
we thank you for being a companion on our journey.
In a world where there is a great deal of inequality,
indifference and injustice
we thank you for welcoming all of us
just as we are and making us feel at home.
We pray that you will transform us,
make us the people you want us to be.

19 October (Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost)

Yamikani Dakalira from Malawi is visiting the United Kingdom in October to speak to churches about her work, and has written a special prayer for us all to use over the Hunger for Justice weekend.

Lord, you are our rock, our fortress and our strength;
guide us, lead us and have mercy on us.

We thank you for the precious gift of your Earth, in all its beauty and fragility.
Through it we are each bound to one another in a million ways.

For the sake of those facing rising temperatures, drought and water shortages,
strengthen our movement for climate action.

For the sake of those facing unpredictable weather, disrupted seasons and failed crops,
bless our leaders to work together to find positive, lasting solutions.

For the sake of all those who feel the impact of our changing climate, the poor and the vulnerable,
bring the hope of a brighter, cleaner future.

Lord hear our prayer and fill our hearts with a hunger for justice.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will set up our banners to call for change. May the Lord fill our petitions!


26 October (Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost)

Jesus, we pray where there are racial tensions currently that you will bring peace and reconciliation.
God search our hearts where there may be preference or prejudices and replace this with unconditional love by the power of your Spirit at work in our lives.


For more of our prayers, please use the red arrows below to see our prayers from previous months.


Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

Our reflection for this month.

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