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Monthly prayers


7 December (Second Sunday in Advent)

A prayer inspired by the Turkana women in a mother-to-mother support group in Kenya.

God who makes all things new,
May we learn new things this Advent.
New lessons from those around us.
New lessons about longing and patience.
New lessons about giving and receiving.
New lessons about vulnerability and risk.
New lessons about unity and love.
Open our eyes to see,
in your world and in our lives,
where you are making all things new.


14 December (Third Sunday in Advent)

Isaiah 61: 1-4

We pray that we may profoundly welcome Jesus
Christ this Christmas season;
and that one day the words from Isaiah will be true
for everyone.
As we earnestly wait for that day,
giving thanks for work being done and the work
still to do,
we pray for Christian Aid partner Anglican
Development Services of Mount Kenya East.
Help us to realise the purpose of the coming of
Jesus Christ for all humankind.
May we patiently anticipate the great and true joy
that only Christ can bring,
the hope and potential he offers always.


21 December (Fourth Sunday in Advent)

God with us,
Remind us again to not be afraid
Light the shade in our world of plenty
showing where there is more than enough for everyone.
Thank you that you did not hug the world from a distance
but you fully entered in.

God with us,
Breathe the kiss of life into all humanity
Wipe every tear away.
Let the chimes of hope ring out this Christmas
for you did not just reach out to touch us
but you fully entered in.

God with us,
Bring peace and joy to all the world this Christmas
May Mary’s song of revolution be heard by all tonight
And may those who are deemed untouchable
know that in the Word become flesh all bodies are blessed
because you fully entered in.

God with us, may all the world be fed.
God with us, may all the world know your transforming touch.
God with us, may all the world know your healing love.
God with us, may all the world know what Christmas is.


28 December (First Sunday after Christmas Day)

A prayerful reflection to mark 10 years since the Boxing Day tsunami.

Lord Jesus,
Perhaps it is because we were so full with celebrating your birth that the South East Asia tsunami of 10 years ago crashed all the more powerfully into our festivities. The extent of the loss emphasised all the more by a season focused on family and getting more and more things.

But the ripples of compassion and the response of love gathered generously from all across your world and the floodwaters of compassion rushed to fill where devastation and wreckage had torn lives, livelihoods and communities apart.

We pray for all those for whom this anniversary will be full of sadness and loss.
May they be comforted.

We pray for all those who were orphaned and for those who lost children.
May they know your caring love.

We pray for all those who were injured and who live yet with the scars of trauma. 
May they know your healing touch.

We pray for those who have rebuilt lives, homes and communities.
May they know lasting security and restoration.

We pray for all these communities to thrive, for the lives of survivors to continue to flourish.
May they know an abundance of life like never before.

And, we pray for all those who live with a heart full of questions.
May they find some peace by a manger where a baby holds a handful of hay. 



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Feeding centre in Guidan Ider village

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