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Monthly prayers


5 April (Easter Day)

'I have seen the Lord...' (John 20:18)

Against all hope
Against all understanding
Against all the odds
Jesus is risen

For the hungry child
For the grieving widow
For the beaten prisoner
Jesus is risen

In the refugee camp
In the hospital ward
In the suburban street
Jesus is risen

In the forests
In the mountains
Beside the seas
Jesus is risen

In the lives of the faithful
In the witness of the hopeful
In the hearts of the loving
Jesus is risen

Christ is risen
He is risen indeed

12 April (Second Sunday of Easter)

'Peace be with you...' (John 20:19)

Lord Jesus,
You spoke peace to your disciples,
showed them the marks on your hands,
sent them out to bear witness to your risen life;
and we too come seeking peace,
seeking to bear witness
and to be sent out renewed.

Come among us today,
that we may recognise you
in one another,
and together know your healing and hope.

19 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

'Have you anything here to eat?' (Luke 24:41)

God of life,
It was our risen Lord's question,
and it is today's question also;
too often asked in desperation.

If we take for granted the fact that we have enough to eat,
if we are too quick to complain about our jaded palates,
if our appetites distract us from our neighbour's hunger,
Lord, have mercy on us,
And give us instead a hunger for justice.

26 April (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

'I am the Good Shepherd...' (John 10:11)

You hear the lambs a-crying,
hear the lambs a-crying,
hear the lambs a-crying,
O Shepherd, feed my sheep.

O Lord, my love you see and know,
O Shepherd, feed my sheep.
Then give me grace to love you more;
O Shepherd, feed my sheep.

From an African-Caribbean spiritual.


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