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Monthly prayers


5 July (Sixth Sunday after Pentecost)

God of promise and power,
we do not pray for easy lives,
we pray to be stronger people.
We do not pray for tasks equal to our powers,
but for powers equal to our tasks.
We stand together for life
in the midst of death.
In your name
and in your power.

12 July (Seventh Sunday after Pentecost)

God forgive us
for we have allowed the shadow of death
to hover over the innocently condemned.
Break the circle of death that keeps us wounded.
Be present to your people in suffering and hope,
as the refuge of the poor
and bread for the hungry.
amid so much news of death
you have the word of life
and we put our trust in you.

19 July (Eighth Sunday after Pentecost)

Living God,
we give thanks for the prophetic passion for justice;
the justice that compels and empowers people
to risk whatever they must risk
to create a climate
in which all people can be who they are.

We give thanks for the prophetic vision
of those who experience the world as it is,
in both its ugliness and beauty,
and see what it can become.
May we listen to the prophetic voices,
share their passion and vision
and live in their hope,

26 July (Ninth Sunday after Pentecost)

God of peace,
we pray for all who live in the face of conflict and division:
for refugees, asylum seekers and political exiles,
for all who are trapped by their own fear and hostility,
for all who experience exclusion because of
poverty, gender, race, religion, disability, sexuality,
for those caught up in war or violence.
Lord Jesus Christ, lover of all,
trail wide the hem of your garment
bring healing, bring peace.
In the name of Christ, who is our peace.


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