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Monthly prayers


7 June (Second Sunday after Pentecost)

Environment Sunday

Almighty God, Creator:
The morning is yours, rising into fullness.
The summer is yours, dipping into autumn.
Eternity is yours, dipping into time.
The vibrant grasses, the scent of flowers,
the lichen on the rocks, the tang of seaweed
All are yours.
Gladly we live in this garden of your creating.

George MacLeod

14 June (Third Sunday after Pentecost)

Lord Jesus,
We pray for all who this week
will sow small seeds for the future
to protect the Earth and its people.
We pray for all who are raising their voices,
writing letters,
lobbying their elected representatives,
accounting for their own energy use.
May their number include us.
May governments listen,
may vested interests be challenged,
and may real change happen.

We can only sow.
For the rest, we trust and let go
into your love.

21 June (Fourth Sunday after Pentecost)

An Affirmation

Every part of this Earth is sacred
Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth.
The air is precious
For all of us share the same breath.
This we know, the Earth does not belong to us:
We belong to the Earth.
This we know, all things are connected;
Like the blood which unites one family.
Our God is the same God,
Whose compassion is equal for all.
For we did not weave the web of life:
We are merely a strand in it.
Whatever we do to the web
We do to ourselves.

28 June (Fifth Sunday after Pentecost)

O God, who called all life into being,
the earth, sea and sky are yours.
Your presence is all around us
every atom is full of your energy.
Your Spirit enlivens all who walk the Earth;
with her we long for justice to be done,
for creation to be freed from bondage,
for the hungry to be fed,
for captives to be released,
for your reign of peace to come on Earth.


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