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Monthly prayers


1 November (Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost and All Saints Day)

For all the saints
who went before us
who have spoken to our hearts
and touched us with your fire,
we praise you, O God.

For all the saints
who live beside us
whose weaknesses and strengths
are woven with our own,
we praise you, O God.

For all the saints
who live beyond us
who challenge us
to change the world with them,
we praise you, O God.

Janet Morley, from Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley, SPCK / Christian Aid, 1992 

8 November (Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost)

1 Kings 17:8-16

Here is a man
on a journey –
needing somewhere to lay his head,
thirsty, hungry.

Here is a woman
on her home ground –
picking up sticks,
wary of strangers.

Both of them are living in a dry land
where a little water, a handful of meal,
need to go a long way.
One has a household to feed;
the other has only himself to keep going
through the wilderness,
until God lets him know why.
He is travelling in faith;
she has given up hope.

A coping woman,
she has now come to the end
of her resources –
just this last ration of meal,
just this trickle of oil,
not much more water,
sticks for a last fire;
just these embers of courage –
she is burnt out.

He is not sure why he is here,
except that God pointed him this way –
to take the food out of the mouths
of this hungry family?
To walk away? Or to watch them die?
What can he do that will change anything?

But she offers him welcome
and he offers encouragement –
and they go on from there.

Jan Sutch Pickard, Out of Iona, Wild Goose Publications, 2009

15 November (Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost)

O Lord Christ,
you became poor that we might be rich,
you emptied yourself that we might have fullness of life.
Deliver us from a comfortable conscience if we believe or intend
that others should be poor that we might be rich,
for in God’s economy,
no one is expendable.
Grant us instead the riches of love.

22 November (Christ the King)

O Christ,
you are the king of human hearts,
Yours is the power of justice and mercy,
And the glory of love is yours.
Thanks be to God.
We pray for all who exercise worldly authority
in government, economics, culture and religion,
that they may be moved to act for a different world;
a world of renewed community and provision for all,
especially the most vulnerable,
a world of human security and flourishing.
May your voice be heard, uplifted through ours,
carrying with it the yearnings of those who hunger everywhere,
For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours
Now and forever, Amen.

29 November (First Sunday in Advent)

May it come soon
to the hungry
to the weeping
to those who thirst for your justice,
to those who have waited centuries
for a truly human life.
Grant us the patience
to smooth the way
on which your Kingdom comes to us.
Grant us hope,
that we may not weary
in proclaiming or working for it,
despite so many conflicts,
threats and shortcomings.
Grant us a clear vision
that in this hour of our history
we may see the horizon,
and know the way
on which your Kingdom comes to us.

Prayer from Nicaragua, from Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley, SPCK / Christian Aid, 1992


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