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Monthly prayers


2 April (Fifth Sunday in Lent)

A prayer for the East Africa food crisis

Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man
have kept Lazarus from dying?
Could not he who fed the five thousand
have kept East Africa from famine?
Could not he who healed the official’s son
have kept malnutrition and hunger away?
Could not he who turned water into wine
have kept drought and dehydration at bay?
Could not he who loudly called 'come out'
call us all to live, give and respond
like we fully believe in life before death!

Open our eyes Oh God, to not look away.
Help us to give what we can so all have enough.
Speak words of healing through partners on the ground.
Turn compassion fatigue into compassionate generosity,
And let life in all its fullness flow to overflowing through all East Africa.

9 April (Palm Sunday)

A Palm Sunday poem

Little donkey, little donkey
On the palm strewn road
Got to keep on plodding onwards
With robes and coats under hoof.

Little donkey, little donkey
Not a stallion, mule or mare
Got to keep on plodding onwards
With peace, non-violence and care.

Little donkey, little donkey
As the prophet foretold
Got to keep on plodding onwards
With your subversive load.

Little donkey, little donkey
Challenge and inspire us today
Got to keep on plodding onwards
To follow him by another way.

A Palm Sunday prayer

O Christ, you entered the city as a poor man
not in style but simply,
yet still you caused uproar, and questions everywhere;
you drew the expectations of a hungry crowd,
and brought buried conflicts to the light.
May we, who are sometimes swayed by the crowd's approval,
and who often avoid conflict
for fear of its cost to us,
hold fast to the gospel of peace and justice
and follow faithfully in your way of compassion and solidarity
with those who are poor and excluded,
wherever it may lead us.

Kathy Galloway

13 April (Maundy Thursday)

A Prayer of Intercession  

(Name situations and places)
Footwashing God,
We have named those names on our hearts
We have spoken those situations out loud
And we look forward
To the time when all will know the shelter
Of your coming Kin-dom.
As you have washed our feet
May we wash the feet of those
Who stand in need of your love,
Your peace,
Your healing,
Until your shalom is known
On earth
As it is in heaven,

14 April (Good Friday)

Living God,
Today we pray for everyone living in the no-longer:
no longer safe
no longer loved
no longer hopeful.
For everyone living with loss:
of loved ones
of homes or livelihoods
of health and strength.
For all who regret the past and fear the future.
God, in your mercy, 
Hear our prayer.
As we watch and wait through our bleakest days,
May we remember that you have gone before us
That you wait beside us
And that your life awaits us
When we are open to receive it
And willing to share it.
In Jesus’ name,

Kathy Galloway

16 April (Easter Day)

Christ our life,
You are alive in the beauty of the earth,
In the rhythm of the seasons,
In the mystery of time and space,

Christ our life,
You are alive in the tenderness of touch,
In the heartbeat of intimacy,
In the insights of solitude,

Christ our life,
You are alive in the creative possibility of the dullest conversation,
The dreariest task,
The most nerve-racking event,

Christ our life,
You are alive to offer new creation
To every unhealed hurt,
To every deadened place,
To every damaged heart,

You set before us a great choice.
Therefore we choose life.
The reality of resurrection soars and surges through the whole creation.
This is grace, 
Dying we live.
Therefore let us live.

23 April (Second Sunday of Easter)

Oh people, you shall not drown in your tears
But tears shall bathe your wounds.

Oh people, you shall not die from hunger
But hunger shall feed your souls.

Oh people, you are not weak in your suffering
But strong and brave with knowing.

Oh people, if you have known struggle
Only then are you capable of loving.

Oh people, be aware of the love you have.

Let not your tears submerge it,
Let not your hunger eat it,
Let not your suffering destroy it.

Oh people, bitterness does not replace a grain of love.
Let us be awake in our love,

Norrie Cassim, from Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley, SPCK / Christian Aid, 1992

30 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

'And he said to them, "What are you discussing with each other while you walk along?" They stood still, looking sad.' (Luke 24:17)

Walk beside us, risen Jesus
On the Emmaus road of life
On the journey of confusion
On the road of questions
On the way of disappointment
When we do not understand.

Walk beside us, risen Jesus
On the Emmaus road of life
In the guise of the stranger
In the unfamiliar traveller
In the unexpected guest
When we feel almost overwhelmed.

Walk beside us, risen Jesus
On the Emmaus road of life
Give us insights beyond our knowing
Give us a glimpse of your will at work
Give us strength to keep on keeping on
When our hope is almost gone.


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