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Monthly prayers


5 June (Third Sunday after Pentecost)

Scarcity is scary.
It tempts us to trust in Princes and 'powers that be',
rather than hold firm to your principles of love and justice.

God, when we feel fear closing us off from others,
especially those who might ask us to share,
when we hold on so tightly to what we have
that we can't embrace new possibilities,
open the eyes of our hearts.
May what we see help us to open our lives.
There is more than enough to go round if we put you first.

12 June (Fourth Sunday after Pentecost)

God, 'affluenza' is a terrible disease.
It blinds us to each other and eventually we cannot even recognize ourselves.
It hardens our hearts, narrows our minds, weakens our resolve and saps our energy.
Soon all we can manage to care about is – us.

In a misguided attempt to cure these symptoms
we look for more things to fill the emptiness,
but things are the illness, not the cure.

God be with us when the world says money will make us happy – it is a lie.
You created us to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves.
A human being is not a consumer – being human is being in communion with other human beings.
When we do not share, our souls shrivel;
stretch us and shape us and show us each other.

19 June (Fifth Sunday after Pentecost)

When problems are legion,
layered in complexity,
Christ, charge us with compassion.

When we step out of our comfort zones
and are confronted with a myriad of need,
never leave our sides
but hold our hearts and show us your way.

The world we inhabit is intricately linked
and inequality robs us of our vision.
Call us back to our common humanity.
No longer haves and have nots,
no longer them and us – only us.
Christ, let it be.

26 June (Sixth Sunday after Pentecost)

You hand on the mantle,
ask us to put our hand to the plough and not look back,
find our home together as we journey with you.

There is a daring freedom in following,
but the road is uncertain - bends and twists,
barriers to overcome and bridges to build.

Christ, as we cross the boundaries and settle into unknown territory,
let love always lead us.
You hand us each other – to have and to hold.
Give us the grace to grow up to look like you.


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