Nigeria maternal health programme

UK Aid Match

UK Aid Match is a DFID-funded programme that doubles all donations received during a defined appeal period. In 2016, Christian Aid are managing UK Aid Match programmes in Kenya, Malawi and Nigeria.

UK Aid Match 2: maternal health

UK Aid Match 2.2 focuses on maternal health programmes in Isiolo County, Kenya, and Karonga District, Malawi. Programme activities include the funding of maternity wings in district hospitals, rural transport to bring pregnant women to local health facilities and awareness raising in remote rural communities.

UK Aid Match 4: malaria prevention and treatment

UK Aid Match 4 focuses on malaria prevention and treatment in target communities in Benue State, Nigeria. Communities are provided with information on how to use malaria nets and the benefits of regular usage.

Key information

Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria

  • Maternal health in Kenya and Malawi (UK Aid Match 2): April 2015 to May 2018
  • Malaria prevention and treatment in Nigeria (UK Aid Match 4): May 2016 to April 2019


Programme value
  • Maternal health: £3 million raised by the 2014 Christian Aid Christmas appeal and match funded by DFID
  • Malaria: £2.6 million raised by the 2015 Christian Aid Christmas appeal and match funded by DFID
Target population
  • Maternal health: 980,264 beneficiaries
  • Malaria: 1,007,600 beneficiaries
Implementing partners
  • Maternal health, Kenya: Kenya Anglican Development Services of Mt Kenya, Centre for Rights Education and Awareness
  • Maternal health, Malawi: Adventist Health Services, Foundation for Community Support Services
  • Malaria, Nigeria: EpiAfric, Jirah Doo Foundation, Ohonyeta Caregivers
Consortium partners
  • Maternal health: United Reformed Church (URC) and the Church Times
  • Malaria: United Reformed Church (URC), The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Church Times, Diocese of Guildford, Diocese of Coventry and the Diocese of Liverpool
Funded by
UK aid

Our approach

UK Aid Match 2: maternal health

Our joint programme in Kenya and Malawi focuses on saving lives in childbirth by strengthening demand for and access to health services, using powerful stories from pastoralist communities in rural communities of both countries.

Appeal funds are used to improve maternal and new-born health for vulnerable women and babies by increasing demand for, access to, and uptake of health services in Kenya and Malawi. 

UK Aid Match 4: malaria prevention and treatment

We train local community members to become health workers, raising awareness of the importance of using nets and seeking medical support, advising pregnant women and new mothers on how to protect themselves and their children from malaria and other diseases.

We help to set up community development committees to build community confidence to demand their right to services, advocating for better medical facilities and provision of medicines.


This collection of case studies presents an insight into how Christian Aid’s UK Aid Match programme is improving the lives of girls, pregnant women and mothers in rural Kenya.
A case study on how traditional birth attendants are improving maternal care and saving lives in Kenya.
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