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Bonn climate talks: next stop Marrakesh – the renewable COP

26 May 2016 - As climate talks in Bonn, Germany, came to a close today Christian Aid said countries still needed to deliver on the grand promises they made at COP 21 in Paris.

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Christian Aid hails localisation shift at World Humanitarian Summit

26 May 2016 - Christian Aid has welcomed the commitment by major aid donors and NGOs to ensure 25% of humanitarian funding goes directly to local organisations on the front line of disaster relief.

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Christian Aid to give emergency relief to Bangladesh communities, as Cyclone Roanu displaces half a million

22 May 2016 - Christian Aid has released release an initial £25,000 of emergency funds for families badly affected by Cyclone Roanu, which hit Bangladesh on Saturday and forced 500,000 people to flee their homes.

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Localise global disaster response, Christian Aid urges World Humanitarian Summit

20 May 2016 - As nations meet in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday to discuss how to improve the global humanitarian system, Christian Aid is urging countries to put more power into the hands of local organisations often on the front line of any emergency response.

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Tackle UK tax haven secrecy if you're serious about corruption, Christian Aid tells Prime Minister

18 May 2016 - The UK will only successfully tackle corruption when its tax havens apply UK levels of transparency, Christian Aid said today after the Queen’s Speech highlighted plans for action against money laundering, corruption and tax evasion.

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Almost 200 Nepalese tell the World Humanitarian Summit what they really thought about the aid the world gave

17 May 2016 - In the run-up to the first ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (23-24 May), Christian Aid has launched Nepal Aftershocks: the people’s truth about aid, a new multimedia project that asked nearly 200 people who survived the 2015 earthquakes what they really thought about the aid the world gave.

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New report: cities in polluting countries most at risk from climate induced coastal flooding

16 May 2016 - To mark the start of Christian Aid Week, a new report launched today by the charity highlights the world cities most at risk from future coastal flooding.

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Bonn climate talks: countries must avoid a Paris hangover

16 May 2016 - As delegates meet in Bonn, Germany, for the first UN climate talks since the Paris Agreement was successfully negotiated in December, Christian Aid has warned that countries must not let momentum stall.

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David Cameron misses his big chance to tackle UK-sponsored corruption

12 May 2016 - David Cameron missed his best chance to stop secrecy in UK-controlled tax havens while other world leaders announced plans to introduce public registers of company owners in their own countries, Christian Aid warned today as the Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Summit ended.

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New Panama Papers data will increase unstoppable pressure for reform

9 May 2016 - Christian Aid welcomes today’s impending new release of data from the Panama Papers, which will help create new pressure for vital reform.

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MPs demand government action on UK tax havens at Anti-Corruption Summit

4 May 2016 - MPs from major UK political parties want the government to use its Anti-Corruption Summit next week to require transparency in the UK tax havens, Christian Aid said after a Parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall.

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