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Life through a rural lens: new exhibition showcases photos by Ghanaian farmers

31 March 2015 - Christian Aid is hosting a free photography exhibition in east London documenting the lives, successes and concerns of rural Ghanaian farmers, as told through their own eyes.

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Ebola outbreak: the crisis is not yet over

26 March 2015 - In the week of the first anniversary of the Ebola outbreak, Christian Aid has reaffirmed its commitment to help hard-hit communities in Sierra Leone at a time when complacency could jeopardise the fight to eradicate the virus.

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UK leads world with new law to reveal who really owns companies

24 March 2015 - The UK is to create the world’s first public register of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who own companies, after Parliament today gave its final approval to the pioneering move against financial criminals.

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New ‘Yellow Budget’ tax offence must apply outside as well as within UK

19 March 2015 - Christian Aid’s Senior Economic Justice Adviser Joseph Stead comments on the ‘Yellow Budget’ announced by Danny Alexander this morning.

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Budget tax reforms leave poor countries out in the cold, says Christian Aid

18 March 2015 - Christian Aid sees little in the UK Chancellor’s Budget Speech, or the European Commission’s new plan on tax transparency, to make a difference to the tax dodging which drains billions from developing countries every year.

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New ruling highlights ongoing secrecy around Glencore tax case in Zambia

18 March 2015 - In a new twist in the long-running tax mystery around Glencore’s Zambian subsidiary, the European Union’s own bank has been officially accused of hiding what it knows about the affair.

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Christian Aid Supports Vanuatu Relief Effort And Urges Prompt Climate Action

16 March 2015 - Christian Aid is to make an initial £25,000 available to partner organisations providing emergency supplies in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam which hit the Pacific island chain of Vanuatu on Friday, killing at least eight people, injuring many more, and reducing many houses and shops to matchwood.

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Christian Aid welcomes proposed action against those who help tax evaders

14 March 2015 - Commenting on a speech given today by Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Christian Aid welcomed the Lib Dems’ search for new ways to stop tax evaders and encouraged them to look beyond the UK when designing their proposals.

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Christian Aid calls on UN to empower disaster prone communities

11 March 2015 - This week UN member states meet in Sendai, Japan, to negotiate a new global disaster risk reduction (DRR) plan which will aim to make vulnerable communities around the world more resilient to extreme weather events.

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Syria crisis: the human cost of four years of fighting

11 March 2015 - As the Syria conflict enters its fifth year this weekend, the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II continues to escalate.

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Rowan Williams hails Parliamentary approval of UK Aid Bill

09 March 2015 - Christian Aid Chair Rowan Williams today praised Parliamentarians of all parties for coming together to pass a Bill which commits the UK to spend 0.7 per cent of its national income on aid.

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EU climate contribution: a good first step but risky strategy says Christian Aid

6 March 2015 - Today the EU’s Environment Council confirmed its official submission to the UN on its contribution to the global climate deal to be signed in Paris this December.

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Rowan Williams to reflect on the Christian response to the suffering of World War Two on Radio 4

3 March 2015 - On Sunday March 8, Christian Aid’s 70th anniversary will be marked on Radio 4’s Sunday Worship with a sermon given by the charity’s Chair, Dr Rowan Williams.

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Christian Aid calls on governments to keep their promises to women and girls

3 March 2015 - Governments meeting for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York must commit more resources and greater determination if they want to make significant progress towards gender equality.

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