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South Sudan: violence fuels humanitarian crisis

28 July 2016 – Warring parties, international community and UN peacekeeping force must do more to protect civilians and aid agencies, according to leading overseas development NGOs including Christian Aid.

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Nearly 400,000 civilians cut off from Aid in Aleppo and Manjob area since Syria support group pledged to secure access

26 July 2016 - More than 300,000 civilians in Aleppo and an estimated 60,000 in the Manbij area, Syria, have been cut off from aid in the last three weeks, marking a shameful deterioration since the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) promised to open full access to aid across the country six months ago.

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Christian Aid calls on PM to start her tax haven clean up close to home

26 July 2016 - The first step in Theresa May’s plan to curb companies’ use of tax havens must be long overdue action against secrecy in tax havens controlled by the UK itself, Christian Aid said today.

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BHS: yet another reminder that tax haven secrecy damages lives worldwide

25 July 2016 - Christian Aid responds to MPs' new report on British Home Stores

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Climate change fight taken to growing HFCs in crucial Vienna meeting

22 July 2016 – Christian Aid has welcomed the commitments made by countries this week in Vienna to phasedown the global production and use of climate change causing HFCs, the chemicals used in fridges and air conditioners.

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Good start on climate for new government as Fifth Carbon Budget passes

19 July 2016 - Christian Aid today praised the new Government for a solid start on climate change, as the Fifth Carbon Budget passed both Houses of Parliament less than a week after the new Prime Minister was appointed.

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Dr Rowan Williams calls for urgent action to end deadly conflict in South Sudan

18 July 2016 - The Chair of Christian Aid, the Rt Rev Dr Rowan Williams, has spoken out against the recent fighting in South Sudan, where armed clashes in the capital, Juba, claimed nearly 300 lives and forced thousands of people to abandon their homes.

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Christian Aid partners in Israel to stand tall in the face of law that seeks to silence voices working for justice

14 July 2016 - On July 11th, the Israeli Knesset passed a controversial bill requiring non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that receive more than fifty per cent of their funding from foreign governments to declare so publicly.

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Christian Aid Scotland launches Malawi Food Crisis appeal as millions face hunger

14 July 2016 - Christian Aid Scotland has launched an emergency appeal to help support communities in Malawi through a devastating drought that has left 6.5 million people without access to enough food.

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UK Climate Risk Review: Christian Aid calls for Climate Cobra Group

12 July 2016 - Christian Aid has called for a Climate COBRA Committee to handle the risks posed by global warming revealed in a new report from the Government’s official advisors on climate change.

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Christian Aid launches campaign to change the story about refugees

11 July 2016 - Now more than ever churches in the UK have an important role to play in presenting and realising a vision of a future where every person is treated with inherent dignity and infinite worth, the development agency Christian Aid has said.

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Christian Aid calls for an end to armed violence in Juba

11 July 2016 - Christian Aid is extremely concerned about the safety of civilians caught up in the armed clashes in Juba, South Sudan’s capital city.

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South Sudan churches appeal for peace as country marks five years of independence

08 July 2016 - South Sudan’s church leaders have appealed for an end to violence in the country, as it prepares to mark five years of independence on July 9 amid a backdrop of economic crisis, severe food shortages and continued fighting.

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Two years on: Blockade leaves Gaza trapped in isolation and poverty

7 July 2016, Two years after war devastated large parts of the Gaza strip, claiming more than 1,500 civilian lives, Israel’s blockade stifles recovery for 1.8 million Palestinians living in the region.

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