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This month's news and media releases. 

Rowan Williams calls on government to heed warning over flawed Lobbying Bill

27 January 2014 - Christian Aid Chairman Dr Rowan Williams has called on the Government to heed the warnings of civil society groups from across the political spectrum and make changes to the Lobbying Bill which threatens to curtail the freedom of charities across the country.

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New floods hinder recovery in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan

23 January 2014 - Massive flooding in the Philippines is hindering the efforts of of people to rebuild their lives in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, says Christian Aid.

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Christian Aid calls for end to secrecy over mining of Haiti's £12bn minerals

23 January 2014 - Concern is growing at the secrecy surrounding deals struck between Haitian government and US and Canadian mining companies over the country’s estimated £12bn gold, silver and copper deposits.

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Christian Aid urges EC not to turn its back on climate victims

22 January 2014 - Christian Aid today urged the UK Government not to neglect the victims of climate change in the Philippines and elsewhere after the European Commission recommended weak emissions targets for 2030.

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Christian Aid calls for inclusive Syria peace talks

21 January 2014 - Christian Aid welcomes the international peace conference in Geneva while warning that only an inclusive political settlement will end the violence and enable the people of Syria to rebuild their lives.

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Sir Christopher Chataway – A refugee champion as well as a sporting hero

20 January 2014 - Christian Aid today paid tribute to Sir Christopher Chataway, who has died aged 82, as a ‘good friend’ who championed refugees, campaigning tirelessly for their rights.

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Lords vote on Lobbying Bill hugely important, says Christian Aid

15 January 2014 - Tonight's House of Lords vote to overturn one of the major remaining problems in the Lobbying Bill is hugely important but further improvements remain vital, according to Christian Aid.

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Lobbying Bill still needs important changes, says Christian Aid

9 January 2014 - Commenting on the Government’s latest proposed amendments to the Lobbying Bill, which were sent to members of the House of Lords last night ahead of their Report Stage debate on the Bill next week, Christian Aid’s Senior UK Political Adviser Barry Johnston said further changes were still needed.

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British agencies call on goverments around the world to scale up Syrian response at Kuwait conference

14 January 2014 - British aid agencies are warning that governments must urgently scale up their response to the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, ahead of the second Kuwait Donor Conference on Wednesday.

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